Winstrol Cycle: How To Do It Right And The Expected Benefits

Also known as Stanozolol, Winstrol is a popular performance-boosting drug but a milder anabolic steroid. Both men and women can use it. Previously, it was administered to patients with angioedema (swelling of the throat, face, and extremities). Today, professional bodybuilders use Winstrol because it offers a number of benefits over illegal steroids. If you are afraid of injectable drugs or needles, simply buy Winstrol cycle since its oral form is quite powerful. Solo cycles can give results but it is more beneficial to take Stanozolol stacks with other compounds like Testosterone-based pills.

Best Winstrol Cycles

When it comes to bodybuilding, a Stanozolol cycle is best used for cutting. It is also an ideal option for increasing hardness and vascularity during contest preparation. If you want to shed excess fat and promote quality muscle mass, consider Winstrol with Depo-testosterone or another powerful androgenic steroid.

1. Beginner Cycle
It is okay to take Winstrol on its own. Get the best Winstrol stacks for sale if you are planning to drop your body fat and attain that hard and dry physique. As a beginner, depending on your goals, your cycle length may vary from 8 to 12 weeks. If you choose to run it for 12 straight weeks, make your daily dose to be 50mg from the first week to the last one.

2. Intermediate Cycle
Being an intermediate user means you have tried Stanozolol stack at one or two times but are yet to master the world of steroids. At this level, your cycle should range from 6 to 8 weeks. But you need to rev up your daily dose to 75mg. Keep in mind regular gym training and dieting.

3. Advanced Cycle
If you have been using steroids for quite sometimes, you already have a clue of what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can choose to buy Winstrol cycles without adding another steroid. This is a perfect program for the final stage of cutting just when you are about to take the center stage and compete with other athletes. Such a cycle may range from 4 to 6 weeks. Consider taking 100mg of Winstrol every day throughout the cycle. As an advanced bodybuilder, you don’t always have to run a solo cycle. Stacking Stanozolol with Testosterone is highly recommended for building muscle tissue. If your objective is to achieve a completely ribbed body, include other options like Clenbuterol, Anavar, and Tren.

For female athletes, the standard dose is 5mg per day. Some experienced women can double this. It is generally recommended that women do not engage in Stanozolol cycles taking longer than 6 weeks. Approximately, oral Winstrol has an active life of 8 hours. This means you can divide the daily dose into two. Take half of it 8 hours apart. As for the injectable form, the half-life is 24 hours. So, the injections are administered every day.

Winstrol Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Once you are finished with a steroid cycle, it is advisable to do a PCT. The idea is to get your body functions back to their normal state. You don’t want your body to lose its ability to naturally produce hormones. When a Winstrol cycle is over, start your PCT 2 weeks later and extend it to at least 4 weeks. The two-week gap is meant to give your body time to get over the synthetic form of testosterone. Some of the regimens for PCT include Nolvadex and Clomid. You may choose one or do both. Clomid helps to stimulate the testes so they can start manufacturing testosterone. Beware of side effects like nausea, mood swings, and mild headaches. If the effects are severe, discontinue the intake and try something different. Nolvadex, on the other side, helps in suppressing the hormone Estrogen. Its side effects differ from one person to the nest. But most bodybuilders do not experience any effects. How long your PCT takes depends on the number of steroids you were using alongside Winstrol. If the stacking period was longer, your hormonal balance will take longer to recover. Do not be discouraged as you give your body enough time to rest and recharge for the next bulking phase.

10 Benefits of Winstrol Cycles

The active compound in Winstrol binds the androgenic receptors that are found in the muscle or bone tissues. The androgen receptors play an important part in the building of muscle. The best Winstrol stack for sale is designed to stimulate protein synthesis. It also triggers rapid fat burning in your body. While your body loses excess fat, your lean muscle mass will remain intact so your gym workouts are not in vain. Stanozolol offers remarkable anabolic activity with high-end anabolic effects. More lean muscle means more strength hence you will be taking less time to recover from training. Here are the specific reasons to consider Winstrol.

i. High bioavailability
Bioavailability is the rate at which a drug enters the circulatory system to access the site of action (muscle). Winstrol passes through the blood and is supplied to body organs without a hitch. Its bioavailability is very high whether taken orally or intravenously.

ii. Lean physique without the bulk
Every serious athlete wants to increase their strength and endurance without adding bulk. Excess bulking is a common problem of typical anabolic steroids. But Stanozolol promises a lean appearance without bulky tissues. While you want to increase the size of an athletic body, you need a definition between various groups of muscles. Some illegal steroids give you so much bulk that it becomes hard to identify your abs, biceps, and triceps. This will no longer be an issue if you start a Winstrol cycle.

iii. Winstrol hardly convert to estrogen
Another favorite benefit of Stanozolol for men is its stability and protection against aromatization. Unlike some anabolic androgenic steroid, Winstrol never converts testosterone to estrogen. Aromatization brings adverse outcomes in males like gynecomastia or the development of man boobs. Nonetheless, you must take the drug as advised by your doctor to avoid any negative effects. Do not extend a Winstrol cycle beyond the recommended period.

iv. Building endurance
Winstrol has been shown to enhance red blood cell count. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to muscle cells. Your muscles work better when oxygenated. So you can work longer and more effectively. Moreover, you are able to recover faster from any injury. It is for this reason that the endurance field starts and cyclists choose Winstrol to boost performance.

v. Improved strength training
With quality muscle growth, you can expect to build more strength and consequently lift heavier weights in the gym. You will no longer be the weakling amongst your powerlifting buddies. Other anabolic steroids increase muscle but do not help in strength gains. But Winstrol creates a strong figure if you combine it with excellent exercises.

vi. More speed and agility
With increased muscle strength, you realize that your body is becoming more flexible. This gives you more power to move at an incredible speed when lifting say dumbbells. Athleticism is highly dependent on your explosiveness. As such, you are likely to become a superstar during sporting events and contests. Boost your overall performance with Stanozolol if you want to be a competitive athlete.

vii. Zero water retention
Many anabolic steroids on offer cause water retention. This is a major drawback to a muscular look as it eliminates the cut you desire. Fortunately, Winstrol doesn’t have this effect. You can be confident when preparing for a game event without fearing body fluid getting in your way.

viii. Winstrol can be consumed in multiple ways
If you want to reap the potential benefits of Winstrol, there are a couple of ways to take it. You will find tablets over the counter that you can dose orally. Injections are also available. Some people report soreness after injecting themselves. But it is a safer and better way of taking Stanozolol.

ix. Few side effects
Like most medications, Winstrol has some side effects. But when you follow the recommended dosage, you will hardly notice any. That is why most women in the fitness world prefer this drug since it has little androgenic reactions compared to most steroids. Some anabolic steroids result in male bald patterns and voice deepening in females. In case of any androgenic effects in women, the reactions start reversing after the discontinuation of the Winstrol dose.

x. Is perfect for steroid stacking
Did you know that Winstrol reduces the amount of SHBG- sex hormone-binding globulin? It actually performs better in this job than the rest of anabolic steroids. The SHBG has the ability to bind with other steroids, rendering them useless. As such, too much intake of steroids is meaningless since SHBG works to neutralize them. Given that Stanozolol reduces the amount of SHBG, you can confidently stack your steroids without lowering the dosages.

Final Word

If you crave for a dry and hard physique, Stanozolol is a wonder drug. But your dedication to gym training is the key determinant of your end results. If you choose the best Winstrol stacks for sale it is good to maintain a low percentage of body fat. So, you must not consume unhealthy fats and excess starch. Include healthy protein and train regularly with both weights and cardio. Keep in mind that any steroid has a tendency to suck water from the tissues. You can counteract this effect by taking more potassium and plenty of water every day.