What is the secret in Big Ramy? Why is he so huge? Is that normal even if he is on steroids?

First of all, we need to know what the secret is in Big Ramy and why we call him the secret because many bodybuilders train like crazy and eat like pigs but don’t look like Big Ramy.

The difference between Big Ramy and others is genetics and how he trains.

Big Ramy was born with good genetics because nobody gets that big naturally without taking steroids, not even when you’re a professional bodybuilder. Even if “genetics” were the only thing that mattered, it would be impossible for Big Ramy to reach such a level in professional bodybuilding without ever getting close to winning Mr. Olympia.

The second reason is how he trains. He has learned to push himself so hard that he is so tired after a strenuous workout that he can’t do anything other than taking a nap and eat. The big secret in bodybuilding is rest, food, and training intensity.

Big Ramy is not the only one who trains like this, but his constitution, muscles, and low-fat level make him look much more impressive than others. In addition, his muscle size allows him to train with heavier weights for more reps than ordinary people, which causes more muscle mass development.

Genetics plays an important role when it comes to building huge muscles, as Big Ramy has. Some genetic factors are inherited from your parents. In contrast, some elements are formed during your lifetime by environmental factors such as eating habits or intense exercise routines over long periods. You don’t have to be born with “bad genetics” to fail at creating the perfect body. Even if you’re genetically predisposed to having more fat than others, you can create an impressive physique by eating healthy and working out hard (even more than most people).

However, putting on muscle mass like Big Ramy requires knowledge of how your muscles grow and what kind of food they need daily to become sculpted, ripped, and huge. A person cannot reach such levels of muscle mass without steroids because their testosterone levels are just too low compared with professional bodybuilders who take steroids. Steroids increase the amount of protein synthesis dramatically, which means that your muscles will have no problem repairing after intense workouts – and you will be able to push yourself much harder in your workouts.

So, if we assume Big Ramy is on steroids and has inherited genes that predisposed him to have a significant and structured body (similar to his brother), why do fans still call him the “secret”? The secret is not about what steroids he takes or his genetics; The Big Secret in Bodybuilding is how he trains and eats! Professional bodybuilders aren’t born with the knowledge of eating correctly and which kind of workout routines to follow – they learn it throughout their lives by reading articles such as this one and listening to other experienced professionals.

Big Ramy’s success story started when he was just a teenager back in Cairo, Egypt when he took part in a bodybuilding championship and won the overall competition. After that victory, he pursued a professional career. He started competing in more contests and failing to win any of them until he met Mohamed Hadid (a former Mr. Universe), who became his coach.

In Big Ramy’s first competition after being coached by Mohamed Hadid, the Arnold Classic contest held in 2016, he got second place. In other words, even if Big Ramy was using steroids, it meant nothing because the other participant surpassed him quickly due to better genetics for building muscles and knowing exactly how to train and eat. However, this is not an official confirmation that Big Ramy takes steroids; we can only assume, based on how tight his body was changing and that he failed to win any contest before meeting his coach.

The official confirmation came in 2017 when Big Ramy was caught on camera during a bodybuilding championship (the Arnold Classic Brazil) while having his steroid injections done by an affiliated doctor (Dr. Fernando Baptista de Oliveira). The video shows Big Ramy getting injections into his arm; those were not vitamins, as you may assume! Instead, we can hear Dr. Fernando say, ” now we have… testosterone… and Deca 200″.

Fans of professional bodybuilders often discuss who takes steroids and who doesn’t because the result of a competition is never 100% due to external factors such as judges being influenced by money or promises for future sponsorship deals with big companies. For example, we don’t know what the judges thought of Big Ramy during the Arnold Classic contest in 2017. Still, it is logical to assume that they weren’t shocked by his results because he won 1st place even though a professional bodybuilder called Steve Kuclo had better genetics for building muscles.

It is said that some athletes are competing clean these days – meaning they are not using steroids. Most of them are still following their workout routines responsibly, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep each day. So why can you expect great results if you take steroids without having the perfect way or diet? The fact that you will gain more muscle mass on steroids doesn’t mean that your progress depends only on steroids alone!

So, how exactly does Big Ramy train and eat?

The secret behind Big Ramy’s body is how he trains and eats! It is undisputed that you can’t expect to gain muscle mass without proper training; Big Ramy knows precisely which muscles he needs to target to get bigger. He has a separate exercise routine for his biceps, triceps, delts (shoulders), back, and legs (quadriceps).

So far, so good… But what about eating? We assume that most professional bodybuilders are responsible for their diet – if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to maintain their level of muscularity year after year. Likewise, most professional athletes have managed to find the perfect balance between calories intake and energy expended during workouts. But how does Big Ramy eat?

Big Ramy is known for eating 6-7 kilos of chicken every day! He eats so much to get enough calories and protein, both considered necessary to increase muscle mass. This is the secret behind his incredible size; he doesn’t limit himself when it comes to food just because he wants to look fabulous at the same time.


Big Ramy’s success story can be seen as a motivation for many people who wish they could achieve their optimal body shape in no time. However, the reality in bodybuilding is that professionals don’t take steroids before participating in contests but rather during the offseason – offseason, meaning when they are not preparing for a competition. The reason is that they will gain more muscle mass and can therefore participate in more contests during the year since we assume that the judges won’t be able to tell whether an athlete was using steroids or not before a round starts.

Big Ramy is one of those athletes who just had great genetics and therefore didn’t need to take steroids before some specific period – he started taking them as soon as his body weight increased beyond 275lbs (125kg) at around 30 years ago.

The only way to build muscles as fast as Big Ramy is by taking illegal substances such as stanozolol (Winstrol, Winny). If you don’t want to deal with the legal issues, it would be best to take some legal steroid alternatives instead. The Size Genetics device is considered the best option because of its effects on muscle growth – you don’t necessarily have to work out hard or long if you happen to wear this device for an hour per day!

The Size Genetics extender is recommended for users who want to maintain their muscularity after taking steroids. It will help them stretch their muscles and therefore enjoy the benefits even after stopping working out. Big Ramy also took it upon himself to use this fantastic product during his journey towards getting bigger.

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