What is the lowest body fat percentage one can achieve without taking steroids?

10% plus or minus 2%.

12.5% plus or minus 2.5% is the lowest body fat percentage achievable without taking steroids. However, this number will vary depending on how lean an individual can get by dieting and what part of their body we measure. For example, men may have a higher variance than women due to more significant amounts of androgens and larger muscle mass in general. Furthermore, this number will also vary depending on the individual being examined (hard-training athlete versus recreational weight lifter). For example, women tend to hold less fat than men at any subcutaneous adiposity level, while athletes carry more fat due to greater muscularity. Therefore, it would be virtually impossible for an individual to achieve sub 8% body fat levels without the aid of exogenous hormones. To determine your level of adiposity, you could visit this page for a helpful calculator (http://www.simplyshredded.com/estimated-bf-percentage-calculator.html).


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