What do you think is Olivier Richters (aka. The Dutch Giant) on steroids? I’m curious because, for his height, he looks natural to me, but I am not an expert.

Olivier Richters was born in 1986 in The Netherlands. He is 23 years old and has a height of 2,11 meters (6 feet 11 inches). His Guinness Record book officially verifies his height. He weighs 165 kilograms (about 364 pounds). He claims to have stopped growing at the age of 15 years old. I’m not sure whether that statement is true or he stopped growing because his bones are very thick, which might mean that it will be difficult for him to keep growing even if he wanted to. Olivier has never been seen together with fellow Dutch giant Tom van der Bon (a nice guy who, despite his great height, looks normal), but knowing that all giants tend to meet each other, this is not surprising. Olivier has been invited to sing at the Miss Belgium contest (you can watch his video clip on YouTube). Well, let’s get back to the main topic.

Is he on steroids? It is certainly possible, but I think that it is unlikely because of two reasons:

First, Olivier seems to be in pretty good shape; his biceps are not very big (he can’t build them up too much with disproportionate side effects), there is no excess water retention, and the reason why he looks so good might just be genetics. Secondly, it would probably have been noticed during all those medical examinations when being a member of the Dutch Military where one has to go through rigorous physical tests. So maybe he just eats a lot. That is why he looks so good, who knows?

In any case, Olivier would be a fantastic example for the average Joe that even if you are not as genetically blessed as some people might be, you can still live your dreams and look as sexy as hell! Cheers.