Sweet And Healthy Waffle Recipe

As the sun rises and the world begins to start a day of busy schedules and hectic activities, one cannot get going without a waffle. This delectable mixture of batter and dough has become a part of almost everyone’s breakfast, snack, and dessert. When a waffle recipe comes to life, smothered with cream and a selection of fruits on top, its sweetness, softness, and irresistible taste make the day a brighter one.

Everybody loves waffles. Prepared between a couple of plates designed to give the dish a unique form, this leavened batter and dough concoction is enjoyed freshly made or bought frozen and reheated. However, one chooses to eat it; he is guaranteed a paradise of sweetness and taste right down his palate.

There are several preparations for a waffle and all of these promise to deliver a gastronomical dish. A home-made waffle recipe is so magical that one can add whatever man wants to make this light, thick, and crispy pancake more flavorful. But before adding up those fruits and treats, gather up all the main ingredients into a waffle iron.

Make a healthy waffle and use brown or coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Pour three-quarters of a cup of sugar, a couple of cups of all-purpose flour, and three and a half teaspoons of baking powder in a bowl. In another round container, drop in a couple of egg yolks and beat sparingly. Put in the one teaspoon of vanilla extract, one and a half cups of whole milk, and a cup of melted butter together with the yolks. On the side, whisk the egg whites until it hardens.

Now you are eager to go to the final stage of waffle magic.  In a preheated waffle iron, pour all ingredients and bake until a golden brown color is achieved. Keeping it healthy, add fresh fruits like berries, banana slices, and a dash of syrup and a spoonful of cream. Serve while hot and with a cup of coffee, tea, or milk for the kids.

Waffles for breakfast or any time of the day is merely sweet. A waffle recipe has become a regular favorite all over the globe. While also called a crispy pancake, the waffle has made its claim on people’s tables and tastes. Whether served with plain or with toppings, it is clear why the waffle is loved worldwide.