Top Prohormones For Strength In The Market

Prohormones are the strongest supplements on the market right now. However, since their inception in 1996, prohormones have been in the center of many controversies. Several FDA crackdowns have been carried out over the years to get rid of those harmful products to human beings. Most have been branded illegal, and quite a few have proven to stand through the test of time. The contention point is always centered on the side effects that some of these prohormones come along with.

Well, amongst amateurs, pro bodybuilders, and athletes in general, the image painted in their eyes about prohormones is that; “all supplements are evil.” This may not be entirely true because there are supplements that work well and do not cause serious side effects. In this guide, you will learn about the best prohormones for strength. Before that, it is imperative to understand what a prohormone is.

What are Prohormones?

In a nutshell, prohormones are precursors of body hormones, like polypeptide, which is split to make a shorter polypeptide hormone. A prohormone can also be defined as a compound that goes through an enzymatic process to convert to an anabolic hormone in the body. The processes carried out by prohormones makes them perfect performance enhancers.

Fundamentally, any synthetic prohormone is anticipated to work as a precursor to estrogens and testosterone in different ways. Most people claim that prohormones are more effective than anabolic steroids in regards to bulking and boosting strength. They may not be as effective as steroids, but they work quite well in building muscle. So, if you are looking to buy strength prohormones for sale, consider the ones highlighted herein.

Benefits and Side Effects of the prohormones

Apart from having similar effects to anabolic steroids, prohormones can help in:

  • A faster increase in strength.
  • Improved sex drive.
  • The fast growth of lean muscle.
  • Quick muscle recovery.
  • Accelerated loss of tissue fat.
  • These are some of the possible side effects that may come with using some of the prohormones:
  • May lead to hair loss
  • Incurrence headaches
  • Can cause liver stress
  • Swollen prostate gland
  • Gastric discomforts
  • Gynecomastia
  • Sore joints
  • May increase blood pressure levels

Note that some of these side effects are controllable when the prohormone is used along with a quality post cycle therapy (PCT). If you religiously follow this approach, you can be assured that you will get the best results.

Top prohormones for strength that are legal

Since its introduction in 2014, the Designer Steroid Control Act is responsible for the prohibition of many compounds thought to boost endurance and sex drive, among other benefits.

Nonetheless, there are still many legal prohormones on the market that can help to boost your strength. Most products are new in the market, and they show minimal side effects.

The following products are still available on the market:

  • Androtest
  • Decalone
  • Halodrol
  • Liquidien
  • Cynostane

Besides the above products, the following ingredients are active in most top prohormones for strength:

  • 1-Androsterone
  • 1-Androsterone
  • 4-Androsterone
  • 19-Nor-Andro
  • 7,3-Andro
  • Epiandrosterone

Each of the products above can be extremely effective if they are used correctly. Always stick to the dosage and the cycle length, as advised by the manufacturer. Here is an explanation of the best prohormones for strength on the market in 2020:


Androtest is considered as the leading prohormone for building strength currently. The compound was brought back in the form of Fusion Supplements (Androtest 4-AD). Androtest is a prohormone that uses the delivery system of cyclodextrin. The cyclodextrin process helps to increase its efficacy compared to other older PH products. This prohormone is not methylated like other products out there.

This makes Androtest one of the few nontoxic products to the liver, unlike the methylated prohormones. Apart from boosting endurance, Androtest also increases testosterone, which positively adds to those facing sexual problems. Also, Androtest can be taken orally. Based on reliable sources, Androtest can be taken 5-6 caps a day (an equivalent of 300-500g in potency in one week).

Positive effects:

  • The cyclodextrin delivery process promotes optimal absorption of 4-AD, making it stackable along with other prohormones for gaining muscle mass.
  • It helps to increase strength.
  • Androtest delivers muscle mass gains rapidly.

Side Effects:

Androtest is meant to give great results with minimal side effects (if any). However, it converts straight to testosterone, which may aromatize it. Make sure you keep an estrogen blocker along.


Decalone Decalone is arguably one of the most popular prohormones for beginners. 19-Nor-Andro converts it in the body to nandrolone, which is an androgen that has a huge preference among avid bodybuilders. In short, it is highly anabolic with an exhibition of minimum androgenicity.

Decalone is a perfect product for users worried about androgenic side effects like acne and hair loss. It does not change to DHT, an androgen that testosterone converts into and is associated with hair loss. Additionally, this prohormone is not methylated. Therefore, Decalone is a nontoxic prohormone. Take three cups per day for better results.

Positive effects:

Decalone is great for those looking for strength and endurance.

Side Effects:

  • The only concern with Decalone prohormone is its water retention.
  • To avoid adverse effects on your libido, use Androtest.


Halodrol was made to help bodybuilders gain mass and strength within a short period by Gaspari Nutrition. It is a prohormone to Turinabol, which belongs to East German designer steroid that was banned. The typical dose for Halodrol is 50mg a day.

Positive effects:

  • Its main intention is to aid in the preservation of muscle mass while dieting.
  • Faster solid muscle gains
  • Faster muscle fat loss
  • Quick boosting of strength and endurance.

Side effects:

It is believed to be stressful on the liver and can also increase blood pressure in users.


Dienazone produces iron Legion Supplements. This is done by bypassing a need for the enzymatic conversion process. Dienazone has been discontinued in the past, but they replaced it with Fusion Supplements’ Liquidien. They still use the same compound, Liquidien, which shares similar attributes as Tren supplements. However, it is quite potent, so it provides the user with greater muscle mass and strength gains.

Positive effects:

  • Rapid gain in muscle mass
  • A quick boost in strength and endurance without estrogenic side effects like Liquidien does.

Side Effects:

Similar to Estrabolan and Liquidien, it can be fairly suppressive to testosterone. Therefore, you must use it along with PCT for better results and safety.


Anabolic Innovations make Cynostane. It is an extremely anabolic compound that has low androgenic. This makes it qualitatively similar to Oxandrolone or Methenolone. Cynostane is a new prohormone in the market. According to its users, some people are skeptical about new products, but this one is far ahead of most new brands.

Positive effects:

  • It is non-aromatizing. Therefore, it will not create estrogen-mediated side effects.
  • A high anabolic action degree makes it a favorite for athletes who want to lose body fat while increasing their strength and muscle mass.

Side Effects:

Research shows that Cynostane has a slight effect on blood lipids and the liver.

Others prohormones to consider

  • 11-Oxo
  • XI-KT (11-Ketotestosterone)
  • M1, 4ADD


Prohormones have changed over the years, and they are still being transformed into better products. They are not what they used to be back then. Therefore, they should not be equaled to steroids. They are essentially intended to help the user in adding muscle size and strength. For maximum results and safety, make sure that you follow the manufacturers’ advice on dosage. Also, try to buy a quality PCT support product to use with—all the best as you embark on the journey of becoming stronger.