Taking Anabolic Steroids Or Smoking

What’s Worse: Taking Anabolic Steroids Or Smoking?

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone. It has many benefits to the body, including an increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat, increased bone density, faster recovery time between exercise sessions, increased libido, better sleep quality. However, it does have some negative effects as well. They include high blood pressure/cholesterol levels, mood swings (including depression), liver damage or impairment of function(this can lead to hepatitis or even cancer), acne and skin irritation, cessation of the menstrual cycle in women. Steroids also require an extensive “cycle” to be taken for consistent results, so one must plan his dosage properly before he begins to take steroids. Some people take them without supervision which can cause serious problems if not monitored by a doctor. It can also be expensive since dosage and tests cost money.

Smoking has been known to cause serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, lung disease, and so much more. It is also very addictive and can prove to be a huge problem if one cannot stop smoking. It can even kill you in the end! That’s not all, though. There are other side effects of smoking cigarettes such as loss of sense of smell or taste, yellow fingers or teeth, bad breath (since it causes plaque buildup), stained clothing (which is harder to get off with normal washing), wrinkles (plus ones face turns into an old man/granny look!), etc.


Anabolic steroids are harmful to the body, but smoking is even worse! The answer is obvious. Many people these days don’t know how bad smoking can be since they were never told by anyone or anything. It’s good for them to know now so they won’t go ahead and take up any sort of drug without knowing everything about it first. Even though anabolic steroids have side effects that can cause health problems, at least you won’t die after using them, unlike cigarettes that could kill you slowly, one cell at a time.