Somatrem (Protropin): A Solution To Short Stature

In the mid-’80s, somatrem or methionyl-growth hormone was the first recombinant substance to be produced and marketed on a large scale. Also occurring as protropin, this agent has the same structure as that of the human growth hormone safe for its extra methionine that appears at the end of the chain. That is so to enable its easy manufacture. Its production was discontinued twenty years after release to the market as a result of the proliferation of its generic competitors. Today, many companies produce and sell the equivalent formulations. As a contemporary recombinant growth hormone, somatrem has shown to be effective in increasing the growth rate. However, the efficacy or otherwise of the medication continues to draw sharp reactions. The debate has majorly been around whether short stature should be treated as an abnormality requiring treatment using hormone therapy.

Side Effects of Somatrem

Dermatologic effects have included increased skin malformation. This effect can be severe, so be sure to contact your doctor or dermatologist for help.


Metabolic side effects include lipolysis owing to a significant decrease in body fat, especially in adults. Users have reported a reduction in the amount of cholesterol, but no changes in the HDL have been reported.

Elderly patients have reported increased triglyceride. Although some reviews show the long-term effect of recombinant HGH on the metabolism of lipids, little evidence is available to support this claim.

Other side effects include the following:

  • Acromegaly as a result of persistent use of HGH. There has been no evidence of the risk of users suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a condition that was associated with the traditional pituitary-derived HGH.
  • Athletes who’ve used HGH for improved performance have reported cardiac, renal and splenic hypertrophy, abnormal growth of bones, cardiac myopathy, and a higher risk of cancers.

Therapeutic Effect

As indicated, Somatrem is a perfect treatment for short stature resulting from the reduced or absence of endogenous hormone in the pituitary glands. Turner’s Syndrome may also cause short stature. The drug’s response is monitored by measuring the amount and concentration of IGF-1. This medicine can also treat wasting due to diseases such as AIDS.

Safety of Somatrem

A multicenter clinical trial involving 54 children established that this medicine does not cause any severe effects, hence an effective alternative of treating short stature. However, some patients have reported developing antibodies in reaction to the HGH. Compared to other steroidal products, somatrem has shown to be extremely safe for users. Therefore, many people, including clinical and health professionals, have recommended this medication.

What is the Right Dosing?

That is perhaps the most frequently asked question about somatrem. Since the drug is still under scientific review and testing, it is not clear, which is the best dose for effective results. Also, short stature may be a hereditary characteristic, making this medication insignificant. Therefore, the right dosage may be determined by your doctor, depending on several factors.


This medication can help to treat short stature with little to no side effects. Although studies have pointed at the dermatologic, therapeutic effects of using somatrem, the good news is that the results are rare and less likely to occur when the drug is used correctly. In conclusion, this medicine is relatively safe for most users, except where your doctor may advise otherwise. That is because it has little interactions with other medications.

Now that you are aware of the necessary information regarding this medicine, you can confidently purchase it from some of the reputable organizations or online stores. Be keen not to buy from shops that are not known as you may be buying what may come to ruin your health instead of resolving your condition.