What Side Effects Can Steroids Cause in Our Bodies

What Side Effects Can Steroids Cause in Our Bodies?

The use of steroids is increasing day by day as people are getting more and more interested in their bodies. Steroids provide many benefits such as:

– Body Building

– Enhancing physical strength

– Helps in weight loss, muscle gain, and faster recovery from injury

However, no matter how healthy steroids may seem to be for your body, there are some side effects that can severely affect your health if not handled correctly. Every drug which has got any kind of medical benefit also has got its own adverse effects. The same thing goes with steroids; even though they make you strong and muscular but they can cause harmful impacts on our body, such as:

Cardiovascular (heart) diseases:

This is the most common side effect of steroids which happens due to their ability to increase cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is essential for our body, but its increase in the bloodstream can cause numerous health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and hypertension.

Skin Problems: The next most dangerous side effect that steroids have on the human body is skin problems. Excessive use of steroids causes acne, oily skin, dry skin, stretch marks, etc., on your body, along with increased facial hair in women. This leads to extreme self-consciousness among individuals who are too much obsessed with their looks.

Boxing In The GymLiver damage: Like all other drugs, stress on liver cells by steroid hormones is also one of the worst possible of these drugs. All the toxins of the drug are directly sent to the liver for detoxification and thus cause damage to liver cells, which is known as hepatic stress. It can lead to cancer or cirrhosis of the liver too.

Kidney: The most dangerous effects on human kidneys by steroid hormones include high blood pressure and reduced renal function, and they may even cause the permanent failure of the kidney with time. This is enough to scare you away from these drugs if you want healthy kidneys and normal blood pressures throughout your life. Testicular atrophy: A hormone present in steroids called testosterone encourages the formation of sperms as well as male sex traits such as beard growth, muscle gain, etc., but when it comes in contact with sperm-developing testis, it causes them to shrink and become smaller in size.

Unhealthy sexual desire: Excessive use of steroids can cause your sex drives to be raised, and you may find yourself unsatisfied even after having intercourse with a girl/boy due to constant bodybuilding and growing muscles. This can also lead to erectile dysfunction in men if the condition is severe enough.

Increased risk of acne: Even though not everyone is prone to getting acne, but some people who go for steroid injections on a regular basis get severe acne along with increased self-consciousness about their looks which further decreases their not just social but also professional life.

The effects that are mentioned above are only a few among many other possible side effects that you can get if you are using steroids, whether it is any professional bodybuilder or a common teenager who thinks that his/her muscles are not growing fast enough. It is recommended by medical experts to use steroids for limited periods of time only under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

There are some very helpful steroid alternatives available which work in the same ways as normal healthy steroid hormones do but without causing side effects, such as Max LMG. You can buy these products online from reliable sources which have their own shops that sell these supplements with complete privacy and ease. So before you go ahead with your next injection, think twice about your health!