Mecasermin — A Solution To Growth Failure

Increlex (or mecasermin) is designed with (rhIGF-1) human insulin-like growth factor-1, a recombinant-DNA-engineered to help with structural growth. People suffering from primary IGF-1 deficiency are unable to efficiently produce sufficient levels of IGF-1 owing to the disruption of growth hormone. Increlex is designed for long-term protection or treatment of mild to severe growth failure, especially among people suffering from primary IGFD. However, it should be known from the onset that it should be substituted for growth hormone therapy. Increlex is available as a sterile, clear solution intended to be used for the subcutaneous shot. ​Dosage should be calculated based on individual needs. The initial dose for this drug is supposed to be 40-80 mcg/kg to be taken twice per day. Over time, the dos can be increased in multiples of 40mcg/kg per every dose.

Increlex Mechanism of Action

As indicated, Increlex is rich in recombinant-DNA-origin IGF-1 that binds to the Type I IGF-1 receptor. This receptor works by stimulating structural growth, including influencing processes such as mitogenesis in various types of body tissues. These processes also increase the growth of cartilage growth plates and the growth of multiple organs in the body.

Buy Increlex today from a reputable company or online store to experience a better quality life. It will help increase the chances of growth of bones, muscles, and weight. Be careful not to buy generic drugs whose mechanism has not been clinically tested.

Side Effects

Unfavorable side effects of this drug may involve but not restricted to, the following:

​• Cardiac Murmur
• Arthralgia
• Lipohypertrophy
• Bruising
• Sleep apnea
• Otitis Media
• Dizziness
• Headache
• Vomiting
• Convulsions
• Vomiting
• Hyperacusis

In some of the subjects, Hypoglycemia (which is related to insulin activity) showed up during their time of use. However, it is worth understanding that the effects are mild if any. Also, studies showed that cases of Hypoglycemia were easily mediated through taking a meal before taking Increlex. Given that the ​medication is a pharmaceutical protein, the chances are that anti-IGF-1 ​or Increlex antibody formation may be experienced. However, there are no clinical ​outcomes such as loss of potency or allergy on users.

Clinical results

This drug has undergone a series of clinical tests. Based on the results of these scientific results, the FDA (Food and Drugs Association) has approved its use. Of the five clinical studies, four were open-label studies, while one was a placebo-controlled study. One of the studies involving 71 children suffering from stature established that the patients were suffering from slow growth rates, serum concentrations, and low IGF-1, the subjects were subjected to Increlex, and the results showed that patients responded positively by increasing their height velocity. Increlex was also shown to boost bone strength among 49 participants. The results showed that bone maturation increased at a rate of 8.1% faster compared to the chronological age of the subjects.