Is Tarun Gill On Steroids How He Gained So Much Muscle In A Short Amount Of Time?

Handsome hunk Tarun Gill has caught the attention of many ladies with his toned body. He’s now taking over Instagram with his perfect selfies and gym photoshoots. And, he didn’t do this by doing sit-ups in front of the mirror; he reportedly underwent a transformation that involved weight training which was completed in less than two years.

He has come up as an inspiration to many others who dream of building six-packs like him. But, what about his secret? What does he eat? Does he take steroids?

Tarun is 23-year old; however, most people think he’s much younger because of his baby face skin. And obviously, you can guess why! It’s because of how much he keeps his body in shape. To keep such a body, you need to spend several hours at the gym and eat right. You can’t get that perfect body by hanging out with friends all the time or while watching cricket matches on TV.

Gill’s transformation started when he shifted to Mumbai from Punjab after completing his high school studies a year back. He didn’t know anyone in the city but was determined about one thing: building six-packs like other boys of his age! So, he decided to join a gym and got hooked on weight training. Now, he not only has a muscular physique but also bulging biceps and triceps. He hasn’t revealed how much muscle mass he gained during this period, but it seems too much for one year.