Is pct needed after two months of the HGH cycle? No steroids during the cycle?

There are many different opinions about pct (post cycle therapy) after an HGH cycle since there are few facts available on how exactly HGH affects the body and if those effects actually remain after stopping the treatment. However, as with most drugs that affect hormone levels in any way, there could be effects remaining even when hormones drop back to normal levels after stopping the treatment (after). These lingering “side effects” could include things such as “roid gut,” gynecomastia, decreased fertility, and even depression. In rare cases, it’s been reported that permanent infertility was caused by a cycle of HGH in men. This is why I think all users should consider taking a pct protocol for at least two months after the HGH cycle has stopped. Now, if you take other steroids together with your HGH, I can’t see how this would be necessary, but if you’re acting only then, it might be wise to take an extra month or two of pct at least.

The bottom line is – since there are no facts available on what needs to be done when doing an HGH cycle, for safety reasons, I recommend at least a minimum of 2 months of pct after the cycle is completed. If you want to be on the safe side, I recommend using some anti-estrogens (Nolvadex, Proviron) during the cycle and maintaining it for at least an additional three weeks after your last injection of HGH. This will help control estrogen-related side effects that are very likely with this drug, like gyno or water retention. You can certainly use HCG (250 in every other day) during the entire cycle time even though it won’t be enough to fully restore natural test levels, but if nothing else, it’s good for maintaining testicular size while using HGH, which will also make post-cycle recovery more effective since your balls existed in their “fully loaded state” for two months of use. As I said above, it’s always good to start your pct protocol at least two weeks before you stop taking HGH so that your testicles can “empty out” completely and shrink back to their normal size, which will make post cycle recovery much more effective. Just continue taking HCG during this time (250 in every other day) and maintain the dosage until the last HGH injection is administrated, then stop it cold turkey. This way, you’ll avoid any additional water retention or gyno flareups which are very likely if you don’t do this. Of course, with all these things, never forget about quality sleep, a good nutrition plan rich in protein, vegetables & fruits, as well as keeping yourself stress-free at all times. Good luck to you, and remember, if it’s worth doing – it’s worth doing right!