Is Mike Thurston on steroids?

Thurston is a bodybuilder from Australia.

We all know that steroids are harmful to you, but if they make you look like Mike Thurston, they must be worth it.

People are under the impression that his transformation was medical, indicating he has superhuman strength. Is the Mysterious Mike Thurston on Steroids? He says no to anabolic steroid use yet still has some of the best gains ever seen in an individual without using them. Some people believe that there’s no way someone can get that big naturally and still feel his claims that he never uses steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. So what do you think about all this? I’m sure more than a few parents would love to have him as a role model for their children. Thurston’s natural muscle size and definition, along with his remarkable story of redemption and rehabilitation through bodybuilding, is something that we should all take note of and be inspired by.

Mike Thurston: “I want to compete one day but just don’t know if it will ever happen.” A new dawn has broken – at least for one formerly drug-addicted former inmate who spent time behind bars up on charges connected to an armed robbery he undertook some years ago. Mike insists he takes no performance-enhancing drugs as big money goes to those who do. But he does not deny his exceptional genetics may give him a competitive edge over those against whom he will line up in the future.

Mike Thurston Background: Your typical “hardened criminal” who spent his late teenage years behind bars up on charges connected to an armed robbery he undertook some years ago. And while the rehabilitation programs put him back on track, it was bodybuilding that ultimately gave him a positive focus and a reason to get up every morning. With remarkable success since then, a new dawn has broken for this former inmate who turned his life around via weight training.