Should You Use Insulin For Bodybuilding?

Insulin is popularly known as the most available anabolic hormone that there is on the market, but also which can be dangerous to the body. From the onset, it worth setting the record straight—that this information is exclusively meant to help you understand insulin and that you should only use it as per your country’s laws. As a peptide hormone occurring naturally in the human body, this hormone is released by the pancreas. The primary purpose of insulin is to inhibit the production of sugar into the liver, muscles, and fat cells, which is why insulin for bodybuilding. In most cases, it is converted into triglycerides and glycogen in the liver.

Just as it can help you balance your glucose levels in the blood, it can also be dangerous since it can cause server hypoglycemia. That is the thin line between the importance and the dangers of insulin.

Because insulin converts blood sugar ready for storage in the blood cells, it influences the amount of sugar available in your blood. For professional athletes, you are maintaining a low level of blood sugar, as possible is what is essential to ensure muscle growth. However, when the blood sugar goes down below the required standards, your brain is likely to shut down.

You can capitalize on natural insulin by ensuring a caloric surplus with the help of carbohydrates, especially before your workout. That is because carbohydrates tend to fuel your body triggering insulin to move into the muscles.

Should you use insulin as a performance-enhancing substance? The answer is neither here nor there—if you are willing to take the risk and bear the possible side effects, then moderate dosing of insulin could prove beneficial.

Benefits of Insulin

What is considered a moderate dosage for insulin may vary from person to person. Based on the observations on Novolog and Humalog (rapid-acting insulin types), professional athletes may benefit from a 5-15iu workout per day.

Insulin for Bodybuilders

Insulin regulates carbohydrates, and fat metabolism in the human body ab enhances the synthesis of protein and promotes optimal utilization of glucose. Formulated for people with insulin disorders (e.g., PCOS, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome), it is induced through injection.

Reasons for Using Insulin

Insulin is considered to contain anabolic properties; hence, it can volumize the cells in the body. For bodybuilders, insulin is taken to help with endurance and to increase stamina. Similarly, insulin is used by people wishing to bulk since it stimulates the formation of glycogen, which is a necessary ingredient for muscle strength during workouts. It also helps to protect the muscle protein from breaking down. That helps an individual to bulk up and grow his or her muscle.

How to Use Insulin

Users inject insulin three times daily — in the morning, during mid-day and after workouts. Three types of insulin are available, including Humulin “N,” Humulin “R” and Humalog. Insulins are used at different times of the day and depending on whether one is on a bulking cycle. Typically, the injection is done intravenously or intramuscularly depending on the doctor’s recommendation or your specific condition, the popular site for injection in the abdomen. It is advised to eat foods such as jelly beans, honey, maltose, glucose, among other high-glycemic-index foods. That is to prevent blood glucose from going below the recommended levels.

Danger of Insulin

Inadequate or improper use of insulin can cause one to develop diabetes mellitus, coma, damage to the liver, or death due to insulin shock. Some of the signals for this condition may include excessive sweating, paleness, anxiety, trembling, irritability, weakness, and moodiness. If you exhibit any of these conditions, contact your doctor immediately.


It is not advisable to use insulin for bodybuilding without the recommendation of a licensed doctor or for treatment of a legit condition. Numerous side effects may result from improper use of insulin, including death.