I just started a cycle of Anadrol 50, but I’ve been reading many reviews saying any gains will disappear after I discontinue. So how do I go about keeping my gains after the cycle?

Anadrol has a reputation for being too harsh on your body and for having gains disappear after you stop using it. First off, let me say that people get their gains to go away because they don’t know how to come off of it correctly or if they did, they didn’t follow their post-cycle therapy (PCT.)

Before I explain what PCT means, here is a bit of Anadrol: Anadrol will quickly give you many sizes. It does this by having a high conversion rate into estrogen in the body. This can lead to many possible side effects, such as gyno, bloat, and completely shut down your natural testosterone production. Because of this, it’s not always a good idea to use Anadrol in the first place. Some people don’t have any problems at all; others do. If you have side effects from using Anadrol, stopping it will probably give you your gains back. However, many people experience post-cycle therapy (PCT), which eliminates the side effects and helps restore natural testosterone production.

PCT for this purpose needs three main things: HCG, SERMS, and Clomid. I won’t get too detailed with each, but here is a super quick rundown on what these do:

HCG – This is a hormone produced from the human placenta, and it prevents the shut down of natural testosterone production.

SERMS: These are selective estrogen receptor modulators; they will block the estrogen receptors causing all your problems. Clomid, as well as HCG, also have this same result as SERMS. You can take Clomid immediately after you come off Anadrol to help restore your libido.

Now for the details: After finishing your cycle, you need to wait a few days before starting PCT because you could still be recovering from gyno or something else. It’s best to use HCG around day 10-15 post-cycle (PCT begins at day 0.) Using an injectable form of HCG will help you maintain gains because, by day 30, your natural testosterone production should be starting up again.

The next step is to take SERMS (to block estrogen) for a couple of weeks and then stop. If you’re taking 50mg a day of Anadrol, then a reasonable amount of time to take the SERMS would be around 2-3 weeks after PCT starts. You can also have some extra estrogen protection by increasing fat intake throughout this time as well.

Clomid should only need to be taken for 1-2 weeks after PCT starts, but longer won’t hurt anything if your doctor suggests it. This helps restore your libido. It’s also essential to get enough sleep, exercise, and eat healthy during this period.

Now about the gains disappearing, if you did everything I said above, there is no reason for your gains to disappear after using Anadrol. Again, though, 50mg a day of Anadrol isn’t essential, especially since it will shut down your natural testosterone production, which could affect your libido. If you want to get good size gains without having them disappear, then stick with all-natural supplements like testolone, Winny, or Deca Durabolin instead. They are much safer than Anadrol and give you similar results, in my opinion.