Does Hugh Jackman Use Anabolic Steroids? Have They Been Harmful To Him

Does Hugh Jackman Use Anabolic Steroids? Have They Been Harmful To Him?

Hugh Jackman is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. For over a decade, he has portrayed the character Wolverine in many X-Men movies and stand-alone films. Often praised for his determined approach to every role he plays, people often wonder if he uses steroids to achieve this look and bulk.

Is Hugh Jackman on anabolic steroids? He certainly looks like it: His heroic musculature and intense gaze give off images of a man that injects testosterone into his body on a daily basis. It seems as though all we have to do is ask Hugh himself whether he uses roids or not, right? If only it were as easy as typing out his name and adding “ster” to our search engine…

Hugh has either been very secretive about his steroid use or does not, in fact, use steroids at all. There are, however, enough rumors that people are still convinced he is on some sort of juice, even if it isn’t necessarily true. When comparing how he looked in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the most recent installment The Wolverine released this summer, it seems as though Hugh’s body mass increased slightly between these two movies despite them being released only a few years apart and with no break between filming schedules.

If we take a look back at 2016, we can see just how much Hugh packed on the muscle for the role of Logan/Wolverine:

Many people claim that Jackman uses steroids to bulk up for his roles because he already has a very lean body type, but it takes most people years to build up that sort of mass naturally. It’s no secret that athletes and bodybuilders use steroids in order to increase their muscle mass or decrease their recovery time while training. It is possible for someone to pack on the extra weight in a short amount of time without steroids by following a strict workout regimen and diet plan, but this would be extremely difficult for normal people, let alone an actor who also needs to stay fit enough to play other roles.

I think there are other factors at hand other than Jackman using anabolic steroids in order to restore his lean body mass after using slimming down techniques required for other characters he plays, such as Jean Valjean from Les Miserables and his sideburns in Prisoners. It is common knowledge that losing and gaining weight for roles requires an actor to alter their physique slightly by using specific dieting techniques that are unhealthy or unsafe.

Hugh Jackman’s build has become very popular over the years, which makes sense because he is playing a very popular character. Whether you think Hugh uses steroids or not, it cannot be denied that he has an amazing body type. His workouts consist of weightlifting, cardio, martial arts training, gymnastics, etc. He always exceeds 100% during each workout routine to make sure he will look his best on-screen!