A Brief Guide On Formastane For Incredible Results

According to savvy prohormone users, Formestatane helps to stimulate fat burning and facilitate the gaining of strength. Proper use of this compound can help increase the number of red blood cells, which causes increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body. It has the import of increasing your workout period and help you prevent the catabolic effects of weight lifting. Some users of this prohormone have reported reduced aggression and improved mood.

Does it Come with Side Effects?

While the risks of cycling with prohormones are real, studies have shown that cycling with Formestane reduces the chances of a great deal. Users say the risks are significantly lower with this compound compared to other similar steroidal compounds. According to some experts, this compound may present the following side effects:• Mood swings• Testicular atrophy• Masculinization in women• Acne

Recommended Dosage and Cycle

According to seasoned prohormone users, an average user should use a dose of 150 milligrams to 250 milligrams per day. For an oral form, while100-200mg per day would be appropriate when taken in other types. If made in gel form, this compound should be applied thoroughly and let to dry (this may take 5-10 minutes) before embarking on any physical activities. If you are focused on getting the anabolic effects of the drug, a daily dose of 800mg-1000mg would suffice. Typically, a cycle of 2-4 weeks of Formestane would help one realize incredible results.

Take Formestane To Suppress The Cancer Tumor

​Aromatase (Lentaron)is an enzyme that has been found to change steroidal compounds into estrogens. For many years, this enzyme is essential in the development of drugs to treat people with estrogen receptor-positive tumors. It came in to help navigate the challenges that drug developers were finding when working with toxic Aminoglutenthimide. Therefore, there was a need to find an aromatase inhibitor that was not only specific but also efficient and tolerable.

Formestane is a second-generation aromatase inhibitor that was first to be tried clinically. Its structure helps to serve as a substrate for the enzyme. In a randomized multi-center study to compare the efficacy of 250mg and 500mg Formestane in 152 women with estrogen receptor-positive cancer, researchers found no significant difference in terms of response between the two different drug concentrations. The study revealed that the patient’s reaction showed that the drug had suppressed the tumor in both groups that were subjected to 250mg and 500mg formestane.

Aromatase inhibitors work by inhibiting hormone-dependent tumors in a way that is different from tamoxifen. What this means is that resistance to tamoxifen doesn’t translate to aromatase inhibitors. For this reason, Formestane serves as a second-line hormonal convertor in women struggling with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. It has also emerged that taking 250mg for two weeks is not effective in inhibiting the aromatase.

Other benefits of Formestane include the following:

• Reducing competition with endogenous estrogens• Reducing joint and muscle pain• Increasing bone strength• Lowering chances of muscle wasting and bone fractures• Reduced injuries

Age is a critical factor when trying to treat solid tumors such as breast cancers. Studies have shown that a majority of older women who have breast cancer have estrogen-dependent tumors, reasons why tamoxifen has been popularly applied in treating tumors. However, researchers have established that tamoxifen-related thrombotic events are frequent. The fact that the prevalence of comorbidity that comes with old age increases even with the application of tamoxifen. Researchers have suggested the use of Formestane (a selective steroidal aromatase inhibitor) as the most potent drug with reliable as a therapeutic option for treating cancers of the breast.

​Where older women are found to have other vascular diseases that contradict the application of other d-drugs, Formestane becomes the best alternative. This medication refers to a class of drugs referred to as 2-aromatase inhibitors and is applied in the therapy of estrogen-receptor-positive chest cancer, especially in post-menopausal women. Available as an intramuscular depot shot, Formestane is commonly used for crushing the making of estrogen whether by natural hormones or by steroids. Also, it occurs as a 4-hydroxytestosterone, which is an effective steroid that has mild androgenic properties. It also features weak aromatase inhibitors, making it a safer option compared to other drugs on the market.

The only disadvantage of this drug is that it not bioavailable, hence not preferred as many aromatase inhibitors in oral forms have been developed.

Why it is preferred

The fact that many older women are prone to vascular diseases means that tamoxifen treatment may not be the right option for this group of patients. That is because such patients may experience clotting and decreased immunologic antithrombin III levels. Besides, research has revealed that the use of tamoxifen comes with specific side effects, including an imbalance in plasma lipoprotein-lipid concentration. Finally, high serum levels of high-density lipoprotein triglyceride observed noted on the application of tamoxifen have been found to raise the chance of heart complications and thrombosis.

Our Take

As a SERM, Formestane is a preferred treatment over steroidal compounds since it binds to target receptors, limiting the side effects that are associated with anabolic steroids. Cancer among post-menopause women is tricky to manage, but this drug has proven its potency. If you are not quite sure which drug to use for your disease, Formestane is what you need to consider in your treatment plan.