Fitness Tips

All About Fitness – Facts, Misconception, Tips, And Technology

What is fitness? It’s a state of being healthy and fit at a physical level. However, it’s not just that fitness is a broad term and doesn’t limit physical fitness but also involves emotional and mental health.

Every other day when you see fitness ads on social media or TV, you think that people are getting more conscious about their health. Some ads take you to a page where a fitness expert is there to help you reach your fitness goal, and some other ads direct you toward applications and devices. However, not everyone follows this trend; some still need awareness about a strong connection between health and fitness.

Some Statistics and Facts

. You may be surprised to know that more than 80 percent of adolescents worldwide are not sufficiently active. And of course, it’s not a good sign. Being inactive means not opting for routine exercises that can lower the risk of heart disease by over 20 percent while boosting up your memory to a great extent.

. You can reduce dementia risk to over 30 percent with regular exercise.

. It’s common for 50 percent of people to start a fitness and exercise program, but they don’t stick to their plans, and after six months, they drop out.

. The only exercise isn’t enough to lose weight; you need a full-fledged program to cut the calories and try some muscle-strengthening workouts.

. Do you know insufficient exercise and not being active in your routine life is a leading factor of premature death?

. Fitness programs are essential for every age group. Exercise is vital not only for an adult but also for teenagers. Today, nearly one-third of high school students spend more than three hours of their day playing videos and computer games while spending three hours to four hours on average attending a class. So, it’s more than 8 hours of inactivity.

Misconception About Fitness and Exercise Program

It’s time to know about some misconceptions that you commonly hear from people, and you believe them as the majority is talking about it. Please don’t follow the majority; try to clear your mind about the following concepts.

. Morning is the best time to do exercise — not really, you can work out whenever you want to; it could be daytime or night time or noon.

. The idea is to develop a routine and be consistent so that you can achieve your fitness goal in no time.

. When you work out once or twice a week, you can get into shape- it’s not true. If you want to stay in shape, then you must have a complete fitness plan in hand. It would be best if you did something every other day. Stay active on a regular basis if you want to hit your fitness goal.

. You can lose weight by exercising only — you often hear this statement from people who don’t want to change their eating habits. They say eat-anything and whatever you like and then work-off whatever you eat. It’s a false statement, and you shouldn’t believe it. Both exercise and diet plan is required to reshape your body to the desired level.

. The best way to achieve Six packs abs is sit-ups- Experts suggest that you need to follow a good core workout that challenges all your core muscles. Sit-ups work to tighten your abdominal muscles only, so you must have to follow other exercises to hit the goal of getting six packs abs.

. Weight training is suitable only for men- it’s another misconception about fitness widely prevalent worldwide. The purpose of weight training is to strengthen the muscle, and its benefits are worthwhile for both men and women.

Fitness and Technology

These days, if you have some fitness plans, then technology will help you achieve your fitness goals in no time. Install a fitness application that shares diet plans and workout ideas for you. Tech has integrated into the fitness world quite amazingly through a smart-watch- it is designed to track your calories, workout, and monitor heart-rate. It keeps track of every step you take in your routine; this step tracking helps you find your activity level. Smartwatch from Apple and Samsung allow you to send and receive text messages on your watch while keeping a full track of your regular fitness level from calories to activities. Other incredible technology gifts that let you stay fit are heart-rate monitors, smart scales, fitness apps, and smart home gym equipment.

Tips to Hit Your Fitness Goals Fast

Keep a journal- if you want to stick with your workout plan, you should have a journal. It lets you record every little activity and effort you put into getting in shape. In this journal, you need to keep track of not only your workout but whatever you eat.

Take good night’s sleep- it’s vital to have a good night’s sleep because your mind and body won’t be fresh for the next day’s workout when you don’t rest well. To stay consistent with your workout routine, you need to sleep on time. Try to take 8-10 hours of good night’s sleep.

Don’t shop from the grocery store- one way to stay fit is to avoid shopping in grocery stores full of box products and frozen food. You buy snacks and other things that are either frozen or pack; they have little to no value for your health. Go to the local market and buy fresh vegetables and fruits instead as they have a better impact on your fitness level than stored food.

Drop your portion size — it might seem weird at first, but this thing works for you. Instead of starving, you should reduce your portion size. Instead of taking a big mug of coffee, drink it in a small cup. Reduce your big bowls with small ones.

Avoid energy drinks — if you think that energy drinks will let you rehydrate your body after a workout, you are wrong. Instead of getting drinks, you should drink simple water- it’s enough to stay hydrated.


The first step of staying fit and in shape is to be active. Once you become conscious about your physical activity, it’s not hard for you to achieve your overall fitness goal, which covers up your body, mind, and emotions.