Does Dianabol Increase testosterone similarly to injectable testosterone? In other words, if I had Dianabol in my system, would I have an abnormally high testosterone level?

Some athletes believe that Dianabol increases endogenous testosterone levels by increasing LH (luteinizing hormone) release, thus causing the body to produce more testosterone. It is also believed by some that other aromatizable steroids can cause similar effects on endogenous testosterone levels. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting either of these claims, and they are incorrect. The primary mode of action for anabolic/androgenic steroids like Dianabol is to bind at the AR (androgen receptor) in target tissues such as muscle tissue. Since the AR has a greater binding affinity towards Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), muscle cells treated with dihydrotestosterone will grow larger than cells treated with testosterone because DHT binds better to the AR. The primary mode of action for Dianabol is to increase nitrogen retention in muscle cells, which causes an increase in protein synthesis and a net gain of muscle mass along with a concomitant strength gain due to the greater amount of contractile tissue.

However, as far as testosterone levels go, studies have been conducted involving men who have been given high doses of Dianabol over short periods. In the results from these studies, researchers found that there was no significant difference in endogenous LH or testosterone levels as compared to those taking placebos. In fact, some studies show that endogenous testosterone levels actually go down after the long-term administration of this drug. This does not mean, however, that you will experience fewer gains from Dianabol because it will actually work quite well. The reason for this is that although Dianabol does not alter LH or Testosterone levels, it works very well on its own to cause an increase in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

The question of whether or not you would have abnormally high testosterone levels if using Dianabol cannot be answered with certainty because each individual’s body reacts differently to certain drugs. If you are taking other steroids that aromatize, then you will most likely find increased estrogen-related side effects as compared to if you were only taking the Dianabol, but some people may still experience increased endogenous testosterone levels even without being treated with aromatizable steroids beforehand. A thorough medical examination should be performed before any cycle involving Dianabol is started. An increase in testosterone levels is not the only possible side effect that you would experience from Dianabol usage. In fact, many athletes who use it experience a plethora of negative effects, including sexual dysfunction, irregular menstrual cycles in women, and mood swings, to name a few. However, these side effects can be minimized if proper steps are taken before beginning a cycle containing this drug. This will be discussed later on.