Does 600mg of tren e a week give you a lot more gains than 400mg a week? I’ve heard several people say anything past 400mg is only side effects, and it’s a waste of extra trenbolone because higher doses don’t make a difference. Is that true?

Anywhere past 400mg is only side effects? That’s simply untrue. Trenbolone can be safely run at 600mg per week for six weeks before testosterone replacement becomes mandatory. When the 600mg mark of trenbolone is reached, estrogen will begin to become an issue- keep in mind that any other hormones cannot alter estrogen buildup. Without testosterone, however, estrogen will skyrocket without TRT. The user will then experience problems with gyno and/or water retention, among other things. Neither one of these are fun or particularly healthy. So, it would be extremely wise to add in some type of exogenous testosterone when running 600mg per week of tren e or any high dose of tren for that matter.

Whether 400mg is enough or 600mg is too much, one this is certain- trenbolone will increase your hunger. Therefore, the user would do well to be prepared mentally and emotionally when running a higher dose of tren e. This steroid is not forgiving in regards to poor dieting habits or lack of sleep. Most all who are using/have used trenbolone can agree on this point. Rest assured, though, if the user remains committed, they will reap the rewards offered by this powerful anabolic steroid.

Anything past 400mg is indeed only a side effect, but it’s also untrue that anything past 400mg is only side effects.

Many people say that trenbolone can be run at 600mg per week for six weeks before testosterone replacement becomes mandatory, but this is false. Trenbolone can only be used with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), not without it. If running trenbolone at 600mg/week, the user will need to take testosterone, or they WILL experience gyno and/or water retention (among other side effects). The hunger increase isn’t fun either.

This is why it’s important to understand the steroids you’re taking before you start taking them!

Articles like these are misleading because they contain half-truths that lead users astray on what’s right and wrong about their drugs of choice. Always do your research before you start taking ANY drug, no matter how mild or innocent it seems!