Why Do Steroids Have a Bigger or Quicker Effect on the Shoulder and Traps?

Why is it that steroids affect the shoulders and traps very quickly, but they don’t seem to work on legs (not even leg presses), or any other muscle for that matter?

Steroids make your shoulder girdle & traps “grow” more because they are supporting muscles. If you flex your bicep, it is only 2 inches thick, but your delts (and even lats) can be 4-6 inches thick when fully flexed. This added thickness is mostly seen in steroid users, but there are some who were born with naturally large shoulders/traps.

The trapezius muscle has three parts: upper, middle, and lower. The upper traps pull up toward the ears when contracted; the middle traps pull straight up from the spine when contracted, and the lower traps pull down from the spine when they contract.

For a veiny/muscular look in bodybuilding, you need to have your shoulder girdle large and tight. The traps add size, density & fullness to your upper back area. For it to look good, this muscle needs to be fully developed! This can only be achieved with heavy training involving high volume and intensity. The right amount of steroids intake will do wonders for this muscle in a short period of time because it is a supporting muscle in compound exercises such as powerlifting.

Many people may say that 20-30lbs gain on your shoulders/traps is impossible without using massive amounts of gear, and this is mostly true. But nothing is impossible if you eat right, train hard and take the proper drugs!