The Best Steroid Cycle For Beginners

Working out has been the best way to build a body. But we lead sedentary lives. Getting a healthy body by working out is tough and it takes times. People start with good intentions and start working out diligently. But within a few days or weeks, they fall off the diet and exercise bandwagon and gain more weight than ever before. So what do you do? Does that you just give up and don’t start working out at all? No, it means that you need a small push that will help you while you workout and diet to lose weight and get into top shape.

And that means using prohormones and using them smartly. But wait, we know what you are thinking. You are wondering, ‘what are prohormones?’ and, ‘Do I really need them?’ Yes, let us explain about prohormones and how they can help you get in shape as quickly as possible.

A little history

Prohormones are not steroids. They were first introduced to the market in 1996 by chemists who first developed androstenedione as the first prohormone. It took the bodybuilding world by storm. Use of this compound became standard in the bodybuilding industry and athletes started using the medications as well. Over time, the pharmaceutical industry developed more compounds that worked in the same way. All of these compounds led to increased muscle and strength gains and quickly became the most popular products on the market. Of course, the naysayers got involved and Congress stepped in to pass a law that classified all prohormones as steroids and by the early 2000’s, all of these products vanished from market shelves. What is now available on the market for use are basically derivatives of DHEA and these are effective enough for bodybuilding use. Supplement companies have now started manufacturing compounds that fall within the purview of the 2004 law but which will still have the same effects as prohormones.

What are prohormones and why do you need them?

Prohormones are precursors of steroids. When you consume the prohormones, they latch on to the same receptors that are used by normal or human steroids. The effects are milder as compared to natural steroids. By combining with the same receptors, prohormones undergo an enzymatic conversion process that converts them to weak steroids inside the body. The effects are milder but muscle gain and fat loss are the most rapidly seen effects. Benefits of prohormone use include the following.
• Lean muscle increase
• Loss of body fat
• Increase in muscle strength
• Lower recovery times from exercise.
Of course, its not all good. Every compound has side-effects and prohormones are no different. Possible side-effects include the following:
• Hair loss
• Post cycle recovery time
• Swollen glands
• High blood pressure
• Skin effects and hair loss.
• Gastric discomfort.
However, the good news is that these side-effects can be controlled with the right medication and dose modification.

Choosing Prohormones and Finding Stacks

Ok, now that you know about prohormones, its time to actually start choosing individual products or stacks. Individual products are compounds that can be used by themselves to generate body effects. However, stacks or combinations of prohormones are also used to generate a combination of body effects. At the same time, stacks seem to reduce the incidence of side-effects and increase the benefits of workout routines. The stacks are combinations of prohormones and they are named according to the effects they generate in the body. At the time of writing, prohormone stacks are classified into wet and dry stacks as well. Wet stacks will lead to water retention during the cycle while dry stacks will cause water loss and usually lead to more muscle strength, fullness and hardness. We’ve listed a few of the stacks here for your reference.

• The Cutting Stack: The aim of a cutting stack is to lose as much body fat as possible while retaining muscle tissue. The focus of this stack is to ensure maximum fat loss while gaining the most amount of muscle mass. This kind of stack is ideal if you are planning for weight loss. However, as this stack is designed to lose fat and gain muscle mass, you will have to moderate your food intake and use a targeted workout routine.
• The Bulking Stack: As the name suggests, this stack is designed to build bulk muscles for muscle growth. This stack also contains compounds that will cause water loss and increase strength and endurance. This stack in particular has to be combined with good nutrition and a tailored workout routine to ensure optimum muscle mass formation.
• The strength stack: One of the benefits of prohormone use is increased muscle strength, faster recovery times from workouts, and increased endurance. For athletes, the strength stack is perfect. It can boost strength by increasing the amount of red blood cells in the body.
• The beginner stack: As the name suggests, it is the steroids cycles that is recommended for novices. Veterans recommend using this kind of stack for not-more than 4 weeks. Cycle support for beginners is also recommended for protecting the heart and the liver.
• The intermediate stack: This contains a much more potent version of the beginner cycle. Doses may be higher and combined with other medications to ensure faster muscle mass development. For this cycle, medication during the cycle and post cycle therapy is also recommended.
• The advanced stack: Advanced stacks are tailor-made for specific requirements like endurance, etc. These cycles will last shorter than normal cycles and result in rapid results. However, side-effects may be common and post-cycle therapy will be required.
• The muscle growth stack: This may be considered a stack; however, it will usually contain one or at the most two prohormones that will help in developing muscles. In fact, muscle growth is seen in one to two weeks when combined with diet and workout routines.
• The mutant or ultimate stack: These stacks are only indicated for athletes who have already used several different kinds of stacks before. They may have increased side-effects, but users have enough experience to recognize the side-effects and mitigate them quickly. Do not use mutant or ultimate stacks if you are just starting in the world of prohormone use.

How to find the best steroid stacks for your personal use?

There are several top steroid stacks for sale available in the market. You can choose to buy steroid cycle by investing in single products and then combining them. However, you can also buy steroid cycles that are already calibrated for a specific use. No matter which stacks you buy, here are a few tips that will help you out.
• All bodybuilding sites will have annual “top steroid stack for sale” discount deals in which you can pick and choose products at a discounted rate. We recommend you wait for these annual sales and then buy in bulk for your yearly requirements. If you aren’t sure which products to buy, take the time to Google the word “top steroid cycle for sale” and thousands of results will appear. You can then choose the right one for your particular requirements from the results.
• Choose websites that offer top steroid cycles for sale but which offer authentication certificates for the products they are selling. The authentication certificate should be listed on the website and it should be less than 6 months old. This certificate ensures that the products are reliable and authentic.
• Once you have a reliable website to buy steroid stacks from, we recommend you check the label ingredients. All authentic websites showcase their labels on the product sale page. Although websites may be reliable, there may be cases of duplicate products or fake supplements. By checking the label ingredients, you know the percentage of active ingredients in the supplement.
• Fake products are a constant concern when you buy steroid stack products retail or online. Be particularly careful if the product is not sealed or if the labels are misprinted. Spelling mistakes in the label, misspelled ingredient lists, and coloring errors in the labels are warning signs to watch out for. Do not consume products that seem to be fake. Avoid all products that smell weird or have a funny taste. Ideally, high quality authentic supplements do not have a smell and mix well with water. They will also have no discernible taste.
• Verifying your product or supplement is also required. We recommend you take a photo of the label and call the customer service company online to verify the authenticity of the product you have purchased.

How can I optimize the cycles for maximum benefit?

Each cycle will have a recommended dose and cycle time. However, the cycles have to be combined with good nutrition and a targeted training strategy. An average cycle will last anywhere from 4 weeks or less for beginners to 6 -8 weeks for advanced users. You should know that the details about cycles are variable. Not much scientific research has been conducted into prohormone use and cycle information. It’s a far better to research cycle strength, supplement use, cycle times, etc. by searching through bodybuilding sites online. Make sure you start with the lowest dose possible and monitor your body carefully. Beginners should start with a single prohormone for the best effects during their first cycle. Advanced users can combine two to more products along with an on-cycle support supplement to ensure overall health.

What about diet? Should I also control my diet?

Of course, what you put into your body is what will show results. We recommend following a sensible diet that builds muscle. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you increase your protein intake to help with muscle formation. You should take about 2gms of protein per pound of bodyweight to ensure muscle gain and a leaner body shape. Carbohydrate content should also be increased to help with glucose management and metabolism. Remember that increased carbohydrate intake helps in muscle mass formation and boosts vascularity. Fat intake moderation is advised. Diet moderation is also advised during post cycle therapy to ensure an overall gain. If you aren’t sure about the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrate you should consume, we do recommend you get in touch with a nutritionist and moderate your water intake as well.

Post Cycle Therapy: any particular recommendations?

Post cycle therapy is absolutely necessary to help your body recover from the use of prohormones and prohormone stacks. There are people who may tell you that PCT is not absolutely required. However, we recommend the use of PCT to help your body recover from the use of prohormones. PCT will help your body recover its natural hormone levels. There are several different types of supplements available and you should know that cost of these supplements may vary considerably. Medications like Clomid PCT and Tamoxifen PCT are generally the best. We cannot recommend basic doses or combinations; however, you can definitely check online to find dosing and cycle information. These medications will not be prescribed by your physician for PCT use. However, legal PCT supplements are available but they may not be powerful enough to mitigate the effects of prohormone use. Generally, you should also consume liver protectants like Silymarin and N-acetyl cysteine and fish oil to ensure overall health.

Any particular advice about workout routines?

Yes, a tailored workout routine is absolutely essential to ensure that you get the most from your prohormone stack. As the stacks will help you gain muscle as soon as possible, you should increase your use of weights. Experts recommend doubling your normal training volume while you are using stacks. When you have completed using the stack, reduce your training volume to half to help the body recover. However, we also recommend getting in touch with an expert trainer to help you get the most from your diet, exercise and workout routines. We also recommend you do not use stacks if you have just started working out. Generally, working out for 2 years and being over the age of 21 are recommended before using prohormone therapy.

So which is best steroid stack for me?

Now that you know a little about prohormones and how they work, its time to invest in stacks and find the best steroid cycles for yourself. However, here is where readers ask us,’ which stack should I invest in?’ Honestly, we cannot recommend a particular stack for your particular needs. However, you do need to consider your objectives and risk factors before you go shopping. As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting with diet control and gentle exercise routines. Once your body is accustomed to the workout routine and diet process, its time to buy the best steroid cycle that will provide either weight loss or bulk building. Start with the lowest dose possible and keep the doses low for the next 3-4 weeks. This will lead to the best results for a novice. Once your body is accustomed to the single medication, you can then start reading up on stacks and select the right stack for your requirement. Please note that you also need to use post-cycle treatments to ensure that your body recovers from the prohormone use.

The bottom line:

Stacks work and they can help you get what you are aiming for, provided you follow instructions sensibly. Do not increase doses or change doses on your own. You should also know that stacks are available as powder or liquid form. Both forms produce the desired effects, but the speed of action will vary.