Top 10 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplement is one of the best options for individuals that wish to achieve specific physical and mental goals. It is worth noting that nitric oxide is available in the human body naturally. That means that even if you introduce a supplement, it is unlikely to cause adverse side effects.

Boosts cardiovascular health – the no2 supplement works by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels. As a result, blood is transported effectively to every part of the body. The product slows down the development of debris or plaque on the walls of the blood vessels, and this effectively guards against complications that may affect the brain or heart due to the reduced flow of blood. The product has properties that facilitate the proper pumping of blood by the blood.

Enhances learning ability – nitric oxide supplements allow the body to acquire the nutrients that are available for the formation of a strong hypothalamus. That is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and concentration. If the area is healthy, an individual is likely to be a fast learner.

Bone formation – some of the best nitric oxide supplements allow your body to regulate bone density accordingly. Too much force is exerted on the bones due to the activity; they tend to waste away. However, this supplement controls the wasting away or development of bone density and in the extended run guarantee that you are in good physical shape.

Manages joint pain – another essential benefit of this supplement is that it can be used as a remedy for joint pain. Individuals that engage in strenuous activity such as sporting action or fitness training tend to experience painful sensations in their joints. The supplement works by numbing pain receptors in the brain while promoting the health of the cartilages that make up the joints.

Tips for ​Guaranteeing ​You ​Get ​The ​Best ​Results

Before you start using any steroid or supplement, it is wise to seek medical advice. Your doctor can have a look at the medical history and then carry out a few tests to verify if you are in good condition. It is only after the approval of a medical expert that you can be sure of being safe when taking supplements. Keep in mind that specific health requirements may become worse if you introduce potent supplements to the system.

The type of diet you eat plays an essential role in determining the way your body reacts to supplements. If you keep consuming junk food and overlooking the rules of healthy eating, you are likely to end up experiencing adverse effects. However, if you are careful enough to eat a balanced diet consistently, your body will be able to withstand the changes that are taking place. With the right type of nourishment, you will be ready to fight off diseases and infections that may otherwise lead to loss of the gains you have made.

One of the mistakes that people make is to use low grade or counterfeit supplements and start complaining of how ineffective the product is. Make sure that a trustworthy brand manufactures it. Ascertain that the package features an unbroken seal and that it has not yet reached its expiry date. Low-grade supplements are likely to produce adverse side effects.

Exercising is key to enjoying good health and fitness facilitated by the best nitric oxide supplement. It is prudent to know what each technique is likely to boost. Take plenty of fresh fluids to stay hydrated and get enough rest to relax your muscles and tissues.

Nitric Oxide Supplement: The Safest But Highly Potent Compound

If you are looking for a muscle growth booster that will let you gain massive lean mass and strength without putting your health at risk like steroids, you should consider taking NO supplements. Unlike other potent muscle building agents that are commonly banned in most countries. The best nitric oxide supplements are not considered as drugs but important compounds that boost the essential NO in the body. NO is a gas that is usually produced in the body with the primary role of aiding communication between cells. However, the way it works enables it to initiate other secondary characters such as increasing blood flow to cells with significant effect.

A brief history of NO supplements

Although the history of NO in the lab dates back to 1986, its use in bodybuilding is relatively new with the first compound called no2 supplement being released into the market in 1997. The no2 supplement was developed to help bodybuilders and athletes increase blood flow to their muscles during workouts and hence, increased oxygen and nutrient delivery for muscle pump and energy boost. The no2 supplement formulation contained arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (Arginine AKG) instead of the regular L-arginine that has a reduced absorption rate. This development resulted in the release of other NO supplements based on the same compound.

However, it did not take long for scientists to discover that boosting NO in the body has its limitations. Scientists found that for the body to fully convert Arginine to the gas, the best nitric oxide supplement must also boost the activities of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), which is the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion.

The discovery pushed supplement manufacturers to create nitric oxide supplements that contain other compounds such as Pycnogenol, American Ginseng, and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum to boost the activities of NOS for enhanced No conversion. The NO industry has also seen the introduction of no2 supplements that work independently of the arginine path. They boost NO in your body without the need for conversation. They contain the real NO molecule that is released into the body directly without conversion and thus, increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The benefits of nitric oxide supplements

Nitric oxide is a high potent vasodilator that penetrates the underlying muscles in the blood vessels to relax the arteries. By relaxing the muscles, the NO reduces the likeliness of inflammation and oxidative stress, which are the major causes of most cardiovascular conditions. Relaxed muscles also ensure increased blood flow to the muscles as well as an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients. Increased oxygen to the muscles is the reason why the no2 supplement offer reduced fatigue. By increasing oxygen flow to the working muscles, the NO supplements reduce the build of lactic acid, which is the primary cause of fatigue and thus, ensures prolonged workouts.

Furthermore, by increasing the supply of nutrients to the muscles, the NO supplements provide speedy recovery. The quick regeneration of muscle tissues ensures that you will be able to work more frequently and thus, better workout results. Other benefits bodybuilders and athletes get from the best nitric oxide supplements include increased energy availability, increased glucose use, and enhanced endurance performance.


When choosing the best NO supplement, it is essential to note that different products contain different formulas. Some depend on the NOS enzyme and those that work independently. If you choose one of those that require NOS conversion, it is also vital to ensure that it contains the ingredients that would boost the NOS activities. In addition to taking NO supplements, you can also boost your NO levels in the body by eating foods with a high amino acid as well as exercising. Foods high in L-Citrulline and L-Arginine increase the enzyme activities resulting in increased production of NO.

The History, Growth, And Development Of Nitric Oxide Supplements Over The Years

The popularity of nitric oxide supplements has rocketed in the last ten years from a relatively unknown nutrient to the must-have muscle-building nutrient. After it was discovered in 1986, word began to spread that it has an unmatched ability to relax blood vessels and thus, increase blood flow. This development prompted several scientists to carry out more research on NO. However, it was until 1997 that Medical Research Institute was able to create the first nitric oxide booster called the no2 supplement that it began to be used by bodybuilders and athletes. The formulation of the promoter was to help increase blood flow to muscles during exercises and thus, deliver more oxygen and nutrients for bigger muscle pump and more significant energy boosts.

The ​History and ​Growth of ​Nitric ​Oxide ​Supplements

The no2 supplement contained a more effective form of Arginine called L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (Arginine AKG), which has a better digestion rate in the body than the regular L-arginine. The structure is Arginine with an alpha-ketoglutarate molecule attachment to enable athletes to get more NO with every dose. The remarkable market response on the no2 supplement pushed other supplement manufacturers to create their versions that were similar to no2 supplement. Nevertheless, other supplement manufacturers embarked on a journey to design the best nitric oxide supplement on the market, which prompted the discovery that there is a limit as to how much Arginine can be converted into NO in the body.

The conversion limit is caused by an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NOS), which is the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion in the body. Scientists found that for the supplement to be effective, it must also boost the conversion activity of the nitric-oxide synthase. This discovery changed the way supplement manufacturers used to create their formulations. The manufacturers began stacking Arginine with herbs such as American Ginseng, Pycnogenol, and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum among others to help increase the activity of NOS. The development marked a new dawn in the supplements industry that resulted in the introduction of the pre-workout category.

The best nitric oxide supplements time-shifted from those that would boost NO only to those that offered stimulants and other performance-enhancing ingredients together with the NO-boosting compound. The shift saw the introduction of complete pre-training products such as the N.O Xplode in 2004 that offered all compounds to get through an intense workout. These new supplements aimed to provide everything in one dose such as nitric oxide boosters for pumps, caffeine for energy, electrolytes for hydration, and creatine for strength gains. The development brought about supplements for a growth-stimulating workout that focused on mental focus, energy, and work intensity.

Today, the industry has even evolved further. It is moving from Arginine based boosters to other ingredients that increase nitric oxide levels in the body. Although Arginine and arginine-AKG remain the most popular ingredients, a new compound called glycine propionyl-L-carnitine (GPLC) has arisen. The discovery has enabled new products such as the NO Bomb to work independently of the arginine pathway. The product contains beet juice, which is highly effective in boosting NO levels in the body.

Nevertheless, the most significant nitric oxide discovery to date is the ability to offer a direct nitric oxide source. Today, nitric oxide supplements such as the epoxide can provide a real nitric oxide molecule that releases NO when ingested without the need for the conversion process. Note that unlike other muscle-building agents that get discontinued soon after their release, the best nitric oxide supplements have withstood the test of time and the future looks only brighter. There is absolutely no reason why you should not include the best nitric oxide supplement in your workout program.


Whether you are interested in the proven compounds such as the no2 nitric oxide supplement or those that take you through the workout, their benefits remain the same. All nitric oxide supplements work by relaxing the arteries and heart for more blood flow activating other useful tasks. By enhancing blood flow to the muscles, the NO supplements help to increase the supply of nutrients for better strength and lean mass gains. Furthermore, by increasing blood flow, the supplements increase the flow of oxygen in the muscles reducing the accumulation of lactic acid, which causes fatigue. Other benefits of nitric oxide include faster recovery, improved glucose utilization, and higher cognitive functioning.