Top 10 Best Appetite Suppressant Pills

Even the best appetite suppressant cannot produce significant amounts of weight loss if you aren’t doing the necessary work. Most appetite suppressant pills are not designed to expedite human metabolism or have any other impact on how the body burns fat. These products are only intended to curb your cravings and make you less inclined to eat between meals. If you’ve been using them without any exceptional amount of success, this could be the result of food-related, psychological issues.

Recognize Why You’re Overeating

Before you set out in search of the best appetite suppressant pills, you need to be honest with yourself about why you’ve been overeating. Most people don’t initially get big by eating when they’re hungry. Hunger is an alert that the body uses to let people know that their energy needs must be filled. It is a healing, necessary process, and one that should not cause you to gain an excess amount of weight. That is only true; however, if you’re paying careful attention to all the signals, your body is sending and taking the right actions in response.

The reality is that most people who struggle with their weight eat even when they aren’t starving. Moreover, when these individuals do eat, they eat well beyond the point of satiation. They have stopped paying attention to the natural signals that their bodies send, and they have stopped taking the right actions in response to these signals. An appetite suppressant can certainly limit hunger signals, but this change will be of absolutely no benefit if you’re continually eating even when hunger is not an issue. That is why you have to find out what is triggering your eating.

Keeping A Journal

Writing down your feelings about food in a journal is a great way to find out more about the underlying emotional and psychological issues that are causing you to overeat. Many people find that food makes them feel safe. Others assert that eating is a form of comfort when things are going badly. Either way, you will have to find new ways of comforting yourself and establishing feelings of safety. If you want to use the best appetite suppressant pills with any measure of success, it is a required step.

Stomach Sizes

When people are severely overweight, appetite suppressant pills can be extremely helpful. Overeating constantly and for an extended amount of time can result in the stomach being stretched out. That makes it necessary for people to eat more than their bodies need for them to feel satiated. If you’re making every effort to moderate your portions, but continuously feel famished, the best appetite suppressant can help. That will allow your body to react favorably to a modest and acceptable amount of food, calling out for more even though your energy and calorie requirements have already been met.

Stop Fearing Hunger

In terms of how you psychologically approach weight loss, it is essential to allow yourself to feel hunger from time to time. It is a level of discomfort that is not going to kill you, and you have to condition yourself to accept this fact mentally. Your body is going to have to start burning some of its energy stores for fuel. Hunger is a warning that your body is having to do this. That is especially true if you’re able to ignore the call of desire for any amount of time. Appetite-suppressant pills can help mute or minimize hunger pangs as your stomach shrinks. Allowing yourself to feel these from time to time will give you the chance to recognize that you’ll be physically and emotionally okay if you don’t rush to feed. Sometimes, having this extra bit of willpower can mean the difference between being able to wait for the right foods, and munching on whatever foods happen to be in the vicinity, no matter how high in calories or unhealthy these options ultimately prove to be.

Weight loss is never just a physical effort. It is also essential to change your thought patterns concerning food and to address the underlying causes of your emotional eating. Once you’ve accomplished these things, the best appetite suppressant pills will be able to produce phenomenal results.

Beating Obesity With Appetite Suppressant Pills

Appetite suppression is a recognized weight loss technique that has been around for quite some time now.

Why take appetite suppressant pills though? After all, there are other, more effective ways to control weight gain and obesity without having to take medication. Well, the answer to that is relatively simple and straightforward: They work!! However so, knowing a thing or two about appetite suppressants will give you a much better understanding and put you in good stead for the coming months ahead.

Dietary supplements of this nature are scientifically termed anorexigenic, though you might be more familiar with the terms anorectic or anorexic, which imply one in the same thing: appetite suppressing agents. They are dietary supplements with the ability to reduce hunger or thirst, which in turn lower food intake and trigger rapid weight loss.

Swimming Against The Tide

Biologically this goes against the grain as appetite suppression is not part of the body’s programming. Our bodies work in the exact opposite way. The central nervous system naturally stimulates the release of hormonal substances that induce appetite and implore you to eat. This as a way to maintain a healthy balance in the body’s physiology. Sadly our bodies don’t work the same, and for some people, this can be a real problem. Obesity is one of the worst health problems in America. It takes thousands of lives each year and tears families apart in ways unimaginable, which is why appetite medication is mostly prescribed for people suffering from obesity.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best appetite suppressant medications on the market today and, for the sake of completeness, the not so good ones.

* Amfepramone is a stimulant that is used for the short-term treatment of obesity. Despite isolated incidents of widespread abuse among teens and models, it is less susceptible to damage than other suppressants. Legally it is classified as a Schedule 3 Controlled Drug, meaning that it should be kept in safe storage out of reach of children.

*Oxymetazoline. A startling discovery, this drug is mainly used for treating nosebleeds and eye redness because of its vasoconstricting properties. Applied topically to the skin -generally as a nasal/nose spray- its use as a hunger suppressant should be closely monitored. Use is restricted to not more than three days. Here is an over the counter medicine so it would be a good idea to take note of its other names, which include Afrin and Kirsten.

*Phentermine. Very similar to amfepramone, phentermine is an appetite suppressing drug that is used to treat weight-related conditions. Apart from this, it is known to be an excellent counter-agent to excessive calorie intake. Please note, however, that it is not recommended for people with a history of drug abuse because of its potentially addictive nature. You should also abstain from using phentermine if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and if you suffer from cardiovascular disease or glaucoma. Other brand names for phentermine include Adipex, Fastin, Duromine, Osymia, and Elvenir.

A Few Bad Apples

What’s the pharmaceutical industry without a few bad apples. Even though companies may peddle their products as the best appetite suppressant pills, you should take their word for it. Several known brands and supplements have been recalled and banned because of their inherent deficiencies. If I were you, I would certainly steer clear of the following: Benfluorex, Cathine, Butenolide, Rimonabant, sibutramine, and Diethylpropion.

Fun Facts

1. The Finnish and German armies are known to have made extensive use of amphetamines during World War III to boost the military effectiveness of troops on the battlefield.

How To Find The Best Appetite Suppressant

The usual advice for losing weight is that you should eat less and exercise more. Many people who are severely overweight or who want to lose weight fast also take appetite suppressant pills. Doctors can prescribe them for people who have a high body mass index or who are overweight and suffering from other diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Some people also use weight loss tablets to manage body weight. There is a wide variety of weight loss products on the market but best appetite suppressant pills?

How Appetite Suppressors Work

There are different types of appetite suppressants on the market; some are synthetic drugs, and some are made of entirely natural ingredients. Appetite suppressants work in different ways. Most products are created to stop you from feeling hungry, even when you are eating a low-calorie diet. They will stop food cravings, make you feel full and help to keep hunger away so that it is easier for you to stick to your diet.

Many appetite suppressors also stop your body from absorbing fat from the food that you eat. These types of pills can help to keep your body fat levels down, and they can even lower cholesterol levels in the blood, although you should also eat a low-fat diet and focus on eating healthy, unsaturated fats. Some products also promise to boost your energy levels and to increase metabolism.

Food cravings, such as sugar cravings or junk food cravings, can make dieting difficult. The best appetite suppressant products will prevent sugar cravings so that you can avoid snacking. They will also keep your hunger away so that you can eat fewer calories, lose weight, and lose fat. They will help you to stick to your diet plan for longer, and they can even boost your metabolism. Ideally, you should also combine your diet with an exercise plan so that you will lose weight faster and your body will also look more toned.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some side effects to some weight loss pills include nausea, constipation, more frequent bowel movements than you would typically have, stomach cramps, gas, and headaches. Often side effects are mild and only temporary. Some products may cause more severe side effects, such as higher blood pressure or liver problems. Some health conditions are contraindications for taking appetite suppressants.

There are many natural appetite suppressant products on the market, and these can help to lose weight without causing dangerous side effects. However, natural does not mean that the product is suitable for everyone or does not cause any side effects. If you are nursing or trying to get pregnant, or if you have any severe medical conditions, you should avoid weight-loss medicines or talk to a doctor before starting to take them.

How to Find the Best Appetite Suppressants Today?

Many appetite suppressant supplements are available over the counter, and many natural weight loss tablets can be bought online or even in well-stocked supermarkets. There are also weight loss products that can only be prescribed by a doctor. It is essential to purchase quality products and find out about the ingredients before starting to take appetite suppressors or any weight loss products.