Most Common Anti Estrogen Mechanisms

Chances are that you’re here because you want either to deal your fats or gain muscle mass rightly. You probably heard of the bodybuilding supplements. Supplements or steroids are part of bodybuilding; hence, the bodybuilder should be wise with them. Athletes take them to enhance endurance, muscle growth, and workouts performance.

But some steroids have a range of symptoms such as an increase of estrogen levels and growth of breasts in men. That’s why anti estrogen steroids or estrogen antagonists are necessary for your gym workouts.

What are antiestrogen?

Before you buy anti estrogen, what does it mean when one talks of antiestrogen? Antiestrogen are products that contain estrogen blockers that prevent the body’s androgen receptors from producing various androgens such as dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. This is because the production of these androgens causes various health issues such as breast cancer and acne.

The antiestrogen diet

One of the most appropriate ways for reducing androgenic hormones in the body is by incorporating an antiestrogen diet in your routine. There are various foods out there that can reduce the levels of androgenic hormones in your body. These foods can be combined with other herbs. The list of antiestrogen foods include:

• Soy Products
Soy-based products such as meat substitutes and edamame are rich when it comes to planting estrogens. Estrogens that are found in plants are known as phytoestrogens. When phytoestrogens are consumed by the body’s cells, they force out the body’s estrogens out of the cells. Hence, you’re assured of reducing the number of steroid estrogens in the body. In addition, plant estrogen reduces the risks health conditions that are associated with estrogen, such as prostate cancer.

• Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables have high levels of isoflavones. This is a type of estrogen. Several studies state that isoflavones can deter the body from converting testosterone to estrogen. Besides, estrogen contains are rich when it comes to phytoestrogens. The vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, and cauliflower.

• Mushrooms
Mushrooms such as oyster, Portobello, and button raise the individual’s testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels.

• Turmeric and curcumin
Turmeric has one of the best nutrients called curcumin. A research that was conducted in 2013 found that curcumin reduces estrogen levels.

Foods to avoid in your diet

• Dairy and meat products
All animal products have estrogen because every male animal produces the hormone. Also, it should be noted that many farms give their animals, especially the female, high doses of estrogen to increase the amount of milk. Meaning, farm products such as milk contains estrogen.

• Alcohol
Alcohol raises the levels of estrogen in the bloodstream, which may increase the risk of breast cancer. Also, alcohol may hasten low testosterone effects. For instance, most alcoholic products are made of wheat; hence, they contain high levels of calories, leading to weight gain.

• Grains
Researchers in Europe found that some grains have a fungus known as zearalenone, which facilitates estrogen production. It’s impossible to determine whether the grain you’re taking contains the fungus. Thereby, you’re advised not to take grains in your expeditions.

Other ways of reducing estrogen levels

If you are concerned about your estrogen levels, you should consult your doctor. In such situations, the doctor can advise a testosterone therapy or hormonal injections.

Also, regular exercises reduce the levels of progesterone and estrogen. In addition, it must be noted that most plastics contain xenoestrogens. Anyone that is after reducing estrogens’ levels should avoid plastic products such as food stored in plastic containers.

The following are the health lifestyle adjustments that you should make:

• Have enough sleep
• Reduce your diet’s calories
• Seek therapy for estrogen-related symptoms such as anxiety and depression
• You should also seek couple counseling if you suffer from low libido

Pharmaceutical antiestrogen mechanisms

Some pharmaceutical supplements contain estrogen blockers. It should be noted that some testosterone products can cause infertility. Therefore, you need to be well-versed with the product before you use it. But estrogen supplements such as clomiphene, commonly known as Clomid, have a capacity to restore hormonal balance without tampering with fertility.

Also, some medications, such as selective estrogen receptor modulators, can be used as antiestrogens. They are commonly used for breast cancer treatment, but they can be used for low testosterone conditions. The conditions include low sperm count, osteoporosis, gynecomastia, and infertility. Examples of these medications include:
• Raloxifene
• Letrozole
• Anastrozole
• Tamoxifen

Benefits of anti-estrogens

No matter the mechanism you’re using, antiestrogens have enormous benefits. They include:

• Reduce the breasts enlargement tissue in men. One of the negative aspects of having high levels of steroid estrogen in the body is the men’s natural growth of breasts. Antiestrogens will thwart any attempt of breast tissues forming a lump.

• The product also lowers the estrogens and increases the testosterone levels. This helps one to lose body fats, especially abdominal fats. This is because estrogen tends to accumulate lots of fats below the belly.

• The products lead to an increase in testosterone, which stimulates protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a process that helps an individual to build huge and stronger muscles. Therefore, the antiestrogens facilitate the growth of muscles.

• Anti-estrogens boost one’s sexual libido. Imagine you have a less tummy, and you have built big muscles in your workouts; what will make you not perform?

• High estrogen levels in the body can affect an individual is asleep. This is because the high levels lead to an increase in stress, hunger, and fatigue, affecting one’s mood stability. Once the mood is tampered with, one lacks sleep. Antiestrogen, by frustrating the production of estrogen, will provide mental stability, leading to improved sleep.

Final Thoughts

Currently, their various anti estrogen for sale adverts in the market. But must you buy the products to eradicate the estrogen menace? The answer is no; there are other ways that you can use to reduce the estrogen levels; this includes an effective diet plan. A Diet plan will save you from expensive antiestrogen products. But if the plan will not work, then you should consider antiestrogens.