Androstenedione Review: Uses, Drug Interactions, Side Effects And Where To Buy Androstenedione

What is Androstenedione?

Androstenedione refers to a powerful prohormone that increases testosterone hormone production essential in enhancing athletic performance, increase energy, build muscle, and reduce body fat.

It comes as an intermediate prohormone that influences the production of estrogen and testosterone. Ideally, Androstenedione offers profound androgenic effects in the body, which makes it boost male sex characteristics effectively.

Androstenedione Dosage details

The ideal Androstenedione dosage regimen depends on various aspects such as the health status, age, and gender of those who use it. Typically, taking a dose ranging between 100-300 mg a day will be significant enough to give full benefits to bodybuilders. Using an amount below this range may not provide the needed results, while higher quantities can lead to undesirable side effects.

Benefits of Proper Use of Androstenedione

Increase in testosterone levels

Several studies have found out that using Androstenedione can significantly boost testosterone levels in the body. Such an increase in this hormone occurs when users take the recommended optimum dose of 300 mg a day. Testosterone is essential to the bodybuilders and powerlifters as it helps in increasing lean muscle mass. The strength and size of the skeletal muscles also increase with the proper use of this prohormone.

Boosting energy

The bodybuilders who use Androstenedione get rejuvenated during their workouts as it increases their energy levels. It boosts metabolism in the body that gives the energy that is needed for excellent athletic performance.

Weight loss

The increase in the lean muscle mass eliminates the excess fats stored in the belly and thighs. This is equivalent to cutting where this prohormone helps in burning unwanted fat layers to bring about a ripped physique that athletes and bodybuilders need. The overall effect of fat loss is a reduction in body weight and eliminating obesity.

Special Precautions

Use in pregnancy

The use of Androstenedione in pregnancy is highly contraindicated as it can cause profound health problems to the fetus and mother. It may induce premature labor and increase the chances of miscarriage when used at any point during gestation. It is thus essential to avoid using this prohormone to prevent the fetus from developing nay problems.


The safety information about the use of Androstenedione during the breastfeeding period remains scanty. However, the use of any steroid supplement is never good when breastfeeding. Thus, lactating mothers need to keep off this drug until the breastfeeding period is over.

Use in children

The use of Androstenedione is likely to be unsafe among children. It may stop the growth and development of bone, leading to shorter than normal adult height. Also, Androstenedione may bring an early onset of characteristics that appear in puberty.

Side Effects and their Management


There are concerns that using Androstenedione may worsen depression. Some studies have established that women suffering from major depression have elevated levels of the naturally occurring Androstenedione. Thus, some specialists argue that the effects of depression may be worse if women start using supplemental Androstenedione.

Liver toxicity

Using Androstenedione in excess doses and for an extended period may put your liver at risk of developing some complications. It is thus prudent to comply with the recommended dosage regimen and avoid using this product beyond the set period.

Users take Androstenedione orally, which makes it go through the first pass metabolism via the hepatic portal system into the liver. Exaggerated doses can cause severe liver damage or worsen the symptom to those already battling underlying liver disease.

Thus, it is advisable to avoid using Androstenedione if you have any unresolved liver condition or at risk of liver disease. Powerlifters can also visit health facilities to obtain liver functional tests before they start using the drug.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

There is a concern that supplements containing Androstenedione can worsen the clinical manifestation of polycystic ovary syndrome. The argument is supported by the fact that women suffering from this condition have elevated levels of Androstenedione in the body. It is thus advisable to stop taking this supplement if you suffer from PCOS.

Prostate cancer

Developing research indicates that using Androstenedione can facilitate the growth of prostate tumor cells. It is thus wise to quit or avoid using Androstenedione if you are suffering from prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Hair growth

The elevation of testosterone levels that occur to those who use Androstenedione can influence the development of male sexual characteristics. Women should regulate the use of this supplement as it may lead to the development of masculine features such as facial hair, deep voice, and broadening of the chest.

Water and salt retention

Using Androstenedione in excessive doses is known to cause water retention in the body. This is likely to raise blood pressure, which can be problematic for users who suffer from hypertension. It is thus imperative to use this supplement with moderation to avoid these effects.

Drug interactions

Androstenedione is known to elevate the levels of estrogen in the body. Taking this supplement alongside estrogen pills may cause increased levels of this hormone. Some of the estrogen pills that interact with Androstenedione include estradiol and Ethinyl estradiol. Avoid taking this combination of drugs at all to evade the possible side effects of their interactions.

Legal status

The Food and Drug Administration banned the sale, distribution, and possession of Androstenedione supplements, siting that they are degraded and can expose users to health risks. The U.S Congress also enacted the Anabolic Steroid Act that declared Androstenedione as an anabolic steroid.

Currently, Androstenedione is categorized as a schedule III drug placing it under the controlled substance Act. Such a classification implies that the selling and use of this product are banned in the United States. However, the regulations are different in many other nations across the globe when purchase may be easy. Do your research to identify vendors with androst-4-ene-3 17-dione for sale in these counties and place your order for a seamless delivery.

Where to Get Androstenedione for Sale

The purchase of Androstenedione can be a challenging endeavor due to the restrictions that the regulatory agencies in the U.S place on its sale and distribution. However, the bodybuilders who know the benefits that this product offers have got reliable ways of identifying legitimate dealers with 4-androstenedione for sale in other parts of the world.

The best option to access and buy buy 4-androstenedione is through an online purchase. There are various sites that sell this prohormone where you can buy androst-4-ene-3 17-dione online and get deliveries to your destination of choice.