Anavar Cycle After I Finish My Dianabol Cycle

Can I Start An Anavar Cycle After I Finish My Dianabol Cycle For Six Weeks?

Anavar is a much milder anabolic steroid than Dianabol. Anavar has very few aromatizing effects, so its use will not cause water retention or fat gain/retention. It can be used to come off of a cycle where you are experiencing negative side effects from the use of Dbol or other stronger compounds that are highly estrogenic. If you are looking to cut weight, this would be the perfect time to run Anavar because it reduces appetite and helps keep water retention at bay.

To answer your question, no, you cannot start an Anavar cycle directly after finishing a Dbol cycle for six weeks. You must wait until all harsh side effects subside, which could take up to 2 months. You can run Anavar alone for six weeks. At the end of the cycle, you should come off with three weeks of your anti-progestin PCT regimen using HCG/Clomid/Nolvadex.

To start an Anavar cycle directly after a Dbol cycle, you are looking at around a 6-month wait before starting another steroid again. That would be six months on Dbol followed by six months off to clear it from your system, then starting the next compound. Getting longer rest periods between cycles will reduce liver damage and stress to other organs while still allowing for good gains in lean muscle tissue mass. The length of time needed to take a break depends on how long you have been cycling without time off. Six weeks is not enough time. Ten would be an absolute minimum for most people who are cycling with any kind of frequency.

Anavar can help you cut fat during your cycle, but it’s an expensive compound that will yield poor results in the end considering how few gains you’d get out of it compared to other compounds like propionate/suspension test/tren that would provide more mass and strength without weight loss. Since it’s available OTC in most countries (not sure about the US), most people don’t bother with it anyway. I haven’t used Anavar personally, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness or how long it takes to start seeing results from using it. I’ve only heard from a couple of people that it helped them shed fat.

A Dianabol cycle for six weeks will yield good gains but wouldn’t be ideal to finish on because Dianabol causes more weight gain/retention than Anavar and is much stronger, so you’re better off finishing with something like Sustanon or equipoise, for example, which provide solid gains without the estrogenic bloat. Using such a strong compound as Anavar (which has fewer side effects) would see very little results in terms of size and strength even if you stacked it with another OTC compound like Winstrol tablets. I’m not familiar with using Clomid during PCT to clear Dbol from your system and start a new cycle; I’d rather run HCG and Clomid simultaneously during PCT. HCG is a very expensive and hard-to-get compound (for some countries), and it works by increasing LH, which stimulates your existing testes to produce more testosterone, so anything that increases the natural production of LH would be just as effective. Clomid, however, has no effect on LH or Fsh/Lh ratios and will only prevent the suppression of the hypothalamus that comes with estrogenic compounds like Dbol.

Running Anavar for six weeks after taking Dianabol for six weeks without time off in between would result in little if any gains from using such a weak OTC steroid and might even cause you some liver damage. You need at least two months after discontinuing Dbol before starting another cycle with any kind of OTC or pharmaceutical grade compound. You might be able to start using testosterone propionate after four weeks, but you’d have to wait another two months before starting a cycle with nandrolone decanoate, trenbolone, etc., because these are stronger compounds that will cause more bloat/retention than Dbol.

Anavar is one the weakest OTC steroids that exist, so there wouldn’t really be much point in running it if it’s not part of a stack of other stronger OTC compounds. The doses required would be quite high considering how mild Anavar really is compared to intermediate/advanced level steroids like Sustanon, for example, which can yield gains even at moderate doses of 200-400mg/week. I would recommend getting a blood test done to see your current testosterone levels and then using HCG during PCT if you plan on using OTC compounds like Sustanon or equipoise. It’s not necessary to take Clomid for pct because it has no effect on LH production, but if you want something stronger than HCG, it might be worth mentioning Clomid as an option, too, given how expensive it is.

Dianabol will cause more water retention/weight gain compared to Dbol, so it’s better off finish a cycle with a mild compound like Anavar instead of Dbol while taking time off in between cycles to give your body enough time to come back into balance while giving your liver a chance to recover from the strong cycle you just completed. You really need to get blood work done before starting a new cycle because steroids affect everyone differently, and it could take some people months to get back into balance after using Dbol, for example, which would yield very little results if you used Anavar as a final compound.

Only experienced users should use Dbol for more than six weeks; inexperienced users should only run Dbol for four weeks and take time off in between cycles to let their bodies come back into balance. If you’ve taken OTC compounds before then, you might be able to run Dbol for 8-12 weeks, and depending on how much experience you have with anabolic/androgenic steroids, you might need a longer break afterward as well. Always keep in mind that everyone is different, and this isn’t based on science or anything; it’s just my own personal opinion which I formed after years of using various compounds by reading experiences from other people online who also used these same compounds, so it could vary from person to person.

I wouldn’t recommend taking Clomid if it’s not part of a cycle unless you know for certain that your natural LH production has come back into balance. Clomid has no effect on Fsh/Lh ratios, so it could still suppress your hypothalamus even after coming off an OTC steroid-like Dbol which might be the reason why some people get little to no gains after using OTC compounds (especially when they take time off in between cycles). HCG will boost natural test levels within 1-2 weeks, and Clomid will only prevent the suppression of follicle-stimulating hormone(Fsh), which is needed to produce mature sperm cells.

Anavar is weak by itself but works well as part of a stack along with more powerful compounds like Anadrol, Dianabol, testosterone propionate, etc. It’s usually best to stack more than one compound at a time so you can get the most out of each of them instead of taking a smaller dose of only one compound, which would yield very little results. The stronger OTC compounds I mentioned earlier have a similar half-life to Dbol, so they’ll keep you from going hypogonadotropic after using Dbol by keeping your balls alive during post cycle therapy(PCT).

Blood work is necessary before starting any new cycle because steroids affect everyone differently, and some people need to wait longer before starting another cycle or use HCG during PCT, while others might not have any issues at all. If you’ve been on multiple OTC cycles over the years, then you should be familiar enough with how steroids work and what to expect as a result, so it’s worth mentioning that you might not even need HCG or Clomid for PCT if your LH production has already come back into balance, but its hard to say without blood work.

I’m sure there’s at least one person who can give better advice than me, so I recommend asking around on other steroid forums if you don’t feel like reading all the articles I linked above, which would lead you in the right direction. What works for other people might not work for you and vice versa because we’re all different and respond to anabolic/androgenic steroids differently depending on our lifestyle choices, genetics, etc.