Anastrozole (Arimidex) – A Superior Option For Cancer In Post-Menopausal Females

​Anastrozole is a drug formulated to help treat cancer. It trades commonly under the brand called Arimidex. It is majorly applied among post-menopausal women with cancer of the breast.

How Anastrozole Works

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Anastrozole is known to lower oestrogen hormone levels in the body. Oestrogen is a women’s sex hormone that has been found together with progesterone to increase vulnerability to breast cancer the body. The female sex hormones estrogen, progesterone stimulates many breast cancers to grow. It is lowering the level of disease. By lowering oestrogen, you can be guaranteed of the reduced chance of contracting cancer. It works by inhibiting aromatization, a process that alters the sex hormones known as oestrogen. This process takes place in the fatty tissues, the skin, and the muscle with the help of the hormone known as aromatase.

How to Take the Drug

Anastrozole is available as tablets. Each tablet should be taken per day using water to swallow it. It can be taken before or after making a meal, depending on your schedule. If you happen to forget taking your dose, do not double your intake (to compensate for the missed dose) the next time you will be taking it. Instead, you should skip the next immediate dose and make it the next convenient time as usual.

Take the right doses without reducing or exceeding the doses. If you feel you need to change the dose, talk to your physician or healthcare expert for advice.

When to Take Anastrozole

It is recommended to take this drug once per day. The drug should be taken at the same time each day without missing out on any dose for effective results. For better results, users may need to make for a more extended period, depending on their condition.


You need to take blood tests before, during, after you terminate the treatment to ascertain the number of blood cells and for purposes of checking the status of your liver and the kidneys.

Side effects

Sadly, you will have to live with the fact this drug may present some side effects, which may occur independently or occur at once. The frequency of occurrence of these effects and the severity of them may vary from case to case. It will depend on the kind of treatment you are trying to deal with and the type of drugs you are using together with Anastrozole.

Although we indicate that the drug has some effects, each of the impacts is not co standard and may occur in one in every ten people. Here are some of the possible side effects of this treatment:

-Headaches Mild headaches are regular, but you need to notify your doctor if the headaches are severe and persistent. You can manage this by taking some recommended painkillers. -Hot flushes. If you feel hot flushes are daunting to deal with, talk to your doctor for help.-Feeling sick -That is also a common but mild effect that can be managed effectively. -Skin rash-You may notice skin rashes, dry skin, or itchy feeling while on this treatment.

Occasional effects

• allergic reaction• diarrhea• vaginal dryness• vaginal bleeding• hair loss• liver changes• feeling sick• carpal tunnel syndrome• lack of appetite• raised cholesterol in the blood• feeling sleepy• pain the bones, joint and muscles

Rare side effects of this drug may include inflammation of the liver (also called hepatitis) and trigger finger (a finger assumes a bends position)

When Should You Contact Your Experts?

There are times you might need to talk to your team of specialists as you continue taking the medication. Your doctor may need to review your situation to determine the extent of side effects if any or to monitor your progress through regular appointments. Remember that overdoing the drug can escalate the adverse effects and cause you more harm than usual.

Anastrazole for men

Anastrozole may also be used in men to treat breast cancer, although this condition is scarce among men. For this reason, little literature is known about the potency of Anastrazole in treating male breast cancer.