How To Find The Best AC-262 SARM

Many people want an impressive physique, but they also want to avoid the pitfalls linked to steroid use. Since the harmful effects of steroids have been widely publicized, people are naturally cautious of them — due to the potential health consequences. This has led to a rise in the popularity of SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), which can energize the body during exercise.

The majority of SARMs were formulated to treat conditions like obesity or muscle wasting illnesses. Virtually all of these drugs are being studied today, because prior research has been extremely promising. SARMs connect to androgen receptors inside bone tissue and muscles. Androgens are an important element to the muscle building process. The selective manner in which SARMs function results in a reduced probability of side effects. For this reason, they are frequently regarded as a better alternative to prohormones and steroids.

Essentially, androgens are groups of hormones – testosterone being the most famous of these. There are plenty of myths about androgens like testosterone. Often, people consider these to be ‘masculine’ hormones. Certainly, it is the case that testosterone facilitates sexual development in men.

Notwithstanding, both male and female bodies generate and need androgens for reproductive purposes. Hormones, such as androgens, allow cells to communicate throughout the body. Androgen receptors are present in some of these cells. Hormones function like keys, while receptors serve as locks — and together they enable your bodily systems to operate. Cholesterol derived hormones, like estrogen and androgens, are called steroid hormones. Androgens are created inside the ovaries and the adrenal gland, via cholesterol conversion. Testosterone can be synthesized from fat and from muscle tissue as well.

You are probably aware that steroids and prohormones are associated with undesirable side effects, including acne and gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue). With SARMs, these issues are eliminated. Because there are so many of these drugs on the market, it can be difficult to select one that will deliver the results you want.

Introducing AC-262, 536

AC-262, 356 is a non steroidal SARM that was developed and launched by the Californian firm ACADIA Pharmaceuticals. This drug was tested on animals in 2007, but there have been no trials on humans conducted since. Nonetheless, the data that exists from the initial studies indicates that AC-262 protects users against conditions like prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s, while facilitating long term muscle development. Bodybuilders soon found out about its’ muscle building effects, and realized that this drug could boost bone density and stimulate testosterone production. AC-262 has no steroidal properties and doesn’t affect your sex drive, so it is less risky to take than most anabolic drugs.

How AC-262 Works

Like other SARMs, AC-262 engages with androgen receptors inside the muscles and bones, without impacting sexual tissue. Usually, androgen receptors affect reproductive development in humans, however – once they are triggered by compounds such as testosterone — they can impact other bodily areas, like the muscles, liver, central nervous system and bones. In the past, when male athletes stimulated their androgen receptors using testosterone, they often experienced side effects related to their sexual tissue. This meant that, although they developed larger muscles and stronger bones, they also had shrunken testicles and a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Similarly, female athletes often experienced an enlarged clitoris. None of this happens with AC-262, because it connects to androgen receptors directly. Consequently, it triggers the receptors inside the cells that comprise your muscles and bones, without impacting your liver enzymes or sexual tissue. Frequently, this SARM is compared with ACP-105, which also appears to work well for this purpose.

The Strength of AC-262

In comparison to the strength of an anabolic steroid, where the ratio is about 90:1, AC-262 just has a proportion of 2:5. Consequently, anabolic activity is roughly sixty-five percent, while the androgenic quality does not exceed 36.5 percent. With conventional sterioids, 1:1 is the ratio of anabolic to androgenic effect. Therefore, the androgenic effect is just as likely to happen as anabolic side effects.

Users should be cautious with regards to the androgenic effect of AC-262, because it targets the prostate gland primarily. This is the gland responsible for calculating the present androgenic effect of steroids inside the body. To put it another way, AC-262 is a powerful drug. By taking the minimum dosage, you can achieve your desired results. Avoid increasing the dosage on a whim. If you wish to do this, you should seek the advice of a medical professional before going ahead with it.

The Benefits of AC-262

Although the research into AC-262 is limited, existing data indicates that this compound offers the following advantages:

-It is an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s — Research carried out by Acadia Pharmaceuticals revealed that AC-262 can counteract conditions like Alzheimer’s, by raising androgen receptor levels. In addition, this research showed that AC-262 improves control of spatial memory. In contrast to other Alzheimer’s drugs that only ease the symptoms for a short period of time, AC-262 is proven to stop the brain from deteriorating and have long lasting healing effects. In spite of these encouraging results, it is prudent to bear in mind that this research was performed on rodents. There is no definitive data from human tests to back up these discoveries.

-It Increases Muscle Tissue – A trial carried out on rats for fourteen days demonstrated that AC-262 can boost the pelvic muscle’s size substantially. It does this by enhancing anabolic parameters. Therefore, in this respect AC-262 shares similarities with testosterone, except that it does not produce the same harmful side effects.

-Reduces Levels of the Luteinizing Hormone — Previous studies have indicated that AC-262 lowers levels of LH as well. The luteinizing hormone does facilitate the natural production of testosterone, however it also creates an environment for certain illnesses that prosper when levels of this hormone increase. It is worth noting that, in spite of its’ ability to reduce levels of LH, AC-262 is a powerful SARM that boosts muscle development in a similar way to testosterone.

-It Might Help to Stop Prostate Cancer — Purportedly, AC-262 reduces the probability of contracting prostate cancer, due to its’ detrimental impact on DHT (dihydroxytestosterone). This is significant, because many studies have identified a link between DHT and the onset of prostate cancer. DHT facilitates the growth of cells inside the prostate and is often linked to BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The symptoms of BPH include having to urinate more often, urination difficulties and other urination problems. Excessive DHT is believed to cause male pattern baldness and beard growth. Also, women who suffer from additional body hair and facial hair growth might do so due to excessive DHT. Therefore, it is great that AC-262 can counteract the issues caused by DHT.

-Men can use it as a Contraceptive — Because AC-262 can suppress the follicle triggering hormone and LH, it is being scrutinized as a possible male contraceptive. The hormones it suppresses play a key part in improving a man’s testosterone levels and sperm count. Suffice to say, this is a controversial area, because contraception for men has large numbers of supporters and detractors.

The Side Effects of AC-262

While AC-262 shares similarities with testosterone, in terms of the results it produces, it does not cause similar side-effects — like prostate enlargement or testicle shrinkage. Rather, AC-262 works like many other SARMs and does not cause harmful side effects. Of course, it is prudent to remember that long term research has not been carried out on AC-262, to establish its’ efficacy over time. This means that it is impossible to say whether side effects will become evident, after thorough tests are performed. Notwithstanding, although this drug has not been subject to comprehensive research, users have not reported any undesirable side effects from it in recent years. This should give people the faith to regard it as the right solution to enhance their masculinity. Athletes, bodybuilders and gym instructors are all singing the praises of this innovative health supplement.

The Advised Dosage

The correct dosage for AC-262 is a somewhat contentious issue. The benchmark for users of this drug is ten mg/kg to thirty mg/kg. Within this dosage range, people tend to experience the results and benefits they want. Nonetheless, the tests for the dosage were conducted on rodents, so there is no official recommendation for humans at the moment. For this reason, it is best to keep to the above benchmark for the time being. Typically, this drug comes in capsule or powder form. You should verify and cross check your sources, via third party websites, before purchasing.

Thoughts About Post Cycle Therapy

Ideally, all people who use SARMs should follow a course of PCT (post cycle therapy), and this includes users of AC-262. By doing this, you will sustain the muscle tissue you acquired while consuming the supplement, and shed fat while improving your energy levels and mood. In addition, it is important to cycle SARMs, because this keeps your hormones balanced and prevents you from becoming dependant on them.

The quantity of time spent on post cycle therapy should reflect the quantity of time spent taking the drug too. In other words, if you took AC-262 for three months, you ought to do post cycle therapy for three months as well. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to regain hormonal stability.

Of course, not everyone who takes SARMs undergoes PCT, and it is not compulsory to do this. However, to be safe with AC-262, users are highly recommended to have PCT for at least four weeks – if nothing else. Test Booster is recommended by some athletes for this job. PCT is not necessary for compounds like GW501516 and MK677. Bear in mind that the clinical data on AC-262 is limited, so there is no saying how it could effect your hormones. This is why post cycle therapy is such a good idea.

If possible, you should get a blood test done before starting your cycle. Your hormone panel will reveal how your levels of testosterone have been affected by the SARMs cycle. Some people opt for SARMs post cycle therapy depending on the way they feel. However, if you have a blood test done, you will find out whether you actually require this therapy.

If you are experiencing hormonal problems and feel under the weather, post cycle therapy will facilitate your recovery and put the spring back in your step. Suffice to say, you are bound to receive conflicting advice about the merits (or otherwise) of PCT, so it is wise to do your homework on the supplement you intend to use. Always look before you leap….

What Customers are Saying

Both male and female customers of AC-262 have reported positive results online from using the product. Some customers say that it is the strongest compound they have tried, and have compared it to testosterone replacement therapy — albeit with some notable differences. Many users say that they gained weight after taking the supplement, although it is not always clear whether this is from water retention or muscle mass. This customer reported strength gains and increased muscle definition from using AC-262. Also, he commented that it might work well as a substitute for RAD140, and said that the side effects were minimal.

Where to Purchase the Best AC-262

Typically, you can buy AC-262 for a price of $30 to $60, but this varies from one location to another. If you want to find AC-262, 356 for sale — be it for clinical research or personal use — it is wise to get hold of the highest quality products available. Here’s a few American suppliers that have AC-262, 536 for sale:

-Science Bio – This firm is renown for the standard of its’ SARMs. It always prioritizes the customer’s interest, to maintain its’ outstanding reputation. It manufactures AC-262 in suspensions and capsules, so you can select your preferred option. Furthermore, if you live in America, Science Bio will ship their supplements to you for free.

-Proven Peptides — This firm is a specialist supplier of SARMs and hormonal products. It has a good reputation for reliability. AC-262 is one of their better known muscle building and weight loss supplements. You can place online orders from this firm with full confidence, because they only sell quality goods and do not charge for shipping.

-Secret Supps – This firm sells SARMs in capsule, liquid or powdered form. It is known for selling well researched compounds and has a broad variety of bodybuilding products. The firm supplies SARMs of all kinds, including AC-262, and you can purchase this in a forty milliliter package if you want. By ordering your SARM from Secret Supps, you are assured of convenience, quality and speedy delivery.

These are just some of the legitimate suppliers of this product. Of course, there are others and it pays to shop around – so feel free to do this. It is vital to thoroughly research a vendor before ordering from them.

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Closing Summary

All things considered, AC-262 is a supplement that can make you physically stronger and increase your muscle development. Because this compound can offer you the advantages of anabolic steroids, without harming your liver or general health, it is a viable solution for many people. If the idea of using AC-262 appeals to you, you should perform your due diligence and read as much as you can about it. In addition, it is important to purchase this SARM from trusted and reputable suppliers.