Undisputed Guide For 1-Androstenedione

Androstenedione is one of the steroid hormones that are used to manufacture medicine. The steroid increases the production of testosterone which leads to an increase of energy, enhancement of athletic performance, an increase of sexual desire and performance, enhancement of recovery and growth after workouts, and keeps the red blood cells healthy.

The supplement hit the headlines when professional sports players like the baseball homerun hitter Mark McGwire claimed to be using it. They showered it with lots of praise and talked much of its benefits.

What are the other names of 1-Androstenedione?

The supplement has various names. Don’t get with the following terms; they mean the same thing
• 4-Androstene 3
• 4- androstenone-3
• 17-dione
• Andros-4-ene-3
• Andro
• Androstene
• Androstenedione

How can the substance be produced naturally by the body?

It must be noted that human body can produce androstenedione, but it’s produced differently when it comes to gender. For females, the cortex, which is the outer part of adrenal glands and ovaries, releases it into the bloodstream where conversion occurs to produce half of the entire testosterone and almost the whole quantity of estrogen. When it comes to males, it’s known that testes produce vast amounts of androstenedione; little is secreted into the bloodstream, and instead, the vast amount is converted into testosterone by the testes.

Where can you find the supplement?

Since the bodybuilding and weightlifting is a booming business. Products related to such events are hotcakes. This is because products such as 1-androstenedione boost energy and enhance performance, making them a must-have for bodybuilders. The product is sold on various avenues; this includes stores and online outlets.

Prices vary depending on the quantity and quality of the product. Quantity means the amount of the product, don’t expect the price of 500mg to be similar to that of 1g. On the other hand, quality is an important aspect, and you should be keen. The composition of the ingredients differs from one product to the other. A high percentage of the supplement in the product means a high price, whereas the low content implies low price. Always go for the high content since you need significant results.

The other primary concern that you should be cautious about when you buy 1-androstenedione is that, in most cases, the strength and purity of the advertised products do not match the product’s content. Therefore, you must do thorough research before you settle on one.

How will you know a reliable seller?

Reliable sellers are plenty, but if you use the right strategies. Currently, 1-androstenedione for sale adverts are rampant, but who sells genuine products? This is what should bother you, not the top-notch aesthetics that are often associated with bodybuilding products. You need products that are satisfied, tested, and qualified.

First, the seller should exhibit a high knowledge of the product. The seller should focus much of his energy on the results. The information of the product should contain the ingredient composition of the product, where and when it was manufactured, the expiry date, how it will be used, what it will be used with, what to avoid when using it, and after how long the user should experience the effects. If the information regarding the intended product is scanty, run for your life.

Professionalism is also another critical component that you should consider when buying bodybuilding supplements. How does the seller react to potential clients? These matters a lot, is the seller rushing to sell the product to the buyer instead of taking the client through the product? Is the seller too confusing instead of convincing? How does the seller react to the products’ negative suggestions? How about customer care? Are they responsive? These are some of the issues that cover the seller’s professionalism aspect.

Independent third-party lab report is a must. The seller should provide the product’s third-party lab report either through email or on its website. Ensure the laboratory is not related to the seller. And also, the reports should be genuine. You can contact the mentioned laboratory to confirm whether indeed they did the tests.

Lastly, the seller should have multiple paying modalities. Avoid those sellers that are after your credit card details. Also, you should ignore those sellers that use cryptocurrencies as the only paying mechanism. A genuine seller should include multiple payment mechanisms such as PayPal, bank wire, credit card, and cryptocurrencies.


Now that you have known the right seller, you should think about the dosage. The appropriate dosage of the supplement depends on various factors. These include the workouts, age, and health status of the athlete. For instance, the amount of the dosage a weightlifter takes is different from that of the bodybuilder. A bodybuilder is supposed to take more because bodybuilding activities involve specific movements that require extreme performance and endurance abilities.

Also, take note of your body’s reaction towards the supplement. Universally, it’s advised that at the start, you should start with little amounts then grow gradually. Follow your pace; don’t follow your colleague’s schedule.

Side effects and safety

Like other supplements, the products have side effects if wrongly used. The side effects are classified into three categories
• Men side effects
• Shrinking testicles
• low sperm count
• A painful or prolonged erection
• Heart disorders
• Breast development
Women side effects
• Deepening voice
• Acne
• Facial hair
• Coarsening of the skin
• Male-pattern baldness
Overall side effects
• Increased chances of breast cancer
• Breast cancer vulnerabilities
• High risks of pancreases and liver disorders

Bottom Line

Currently, there lots of bodybuilding products in the market; therefore, one should be keen not to fall into the exclusive marketing strategies of the sellers. Remember, no seller will talk negativity of its product. Here, everything is about you, engage the various strategies to land useful supplements. The post has shared different insights that you will use to get the right supplement. Don’t forget the independent product reviews. Platforms such as indeed are very independent when it comes to product reviews.

1-androstenedione is a useful product if used well. Avoid underuse and overdose, follow the prescription guidelines. The effects are there to see. But don’t forget the workouts. The product’s use should intertwine your workout schedule.